What to do if the leaves of an apple tree wither and how to treat it, causes and prevention

What to do if the leaves of an apple tree wither and how to treat it, causes and prevention

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When the leaves on the apple tree began to dry out, it means that something is wrong with the fruit tree. This situation can arise for many reasons. So, perhaps the owner of the garden tree made mistakes in its care or unfavorable weather conditions occurred at the time of growth. In any case, whatever the reason is that the leaves on the tree began to dry out, it is necessary to save it from death. Next, you will learn what to do if the leaves of the apple tree wither.

Common Causes and Related Signs

There are many reasons why the leaves on the apple tree began to dry out. Nevertheless, there are the most common ones. Below we offer you to familiarize yourself with the popular causes, as well as find out what signs they have.

Atmospheric and climatic conditions

If we talk about atmospheric or climatic reasons, first of all, it is worth mentioning the lack of sunlight. So, such a phenomenon leads to a disruption in the process of photosynthesis, due to which the foliage on the tree turns yellow and dries up. Along with this, it also happens that the leaves fall off, not even having time to dry out.

Improper fit and care

The most common cause is improper planting and continued care of the trees. For example, a crop can begin to dry out if it grows on swampy clay or loamy soil. For this reason, in the autumn, it is recommended to add dolomite flour, chalk or lime to the ground. This measure is used to enrich the soil with calcium. Sand or peat is also suitable for this purpose.

Experienced gardeners do not recommend planting wild grasses near the apple tree, for example, foxtail wheatgrass or timothy grass. These crops can negatively affect the adjacent apple tree.

Unsuitable soil

Planting an apple tree in the wrong soil can also cause loss of leaves. Many tree diseases arise from a lack of certain components, especially nutritional components. This process is called fasting.

There are the following types of fasting: boric, manganese, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Leaf diseases

The next reason for the fall of leaves in an apple tree may be their disease. Next, we suggest considering the most famous leaf diseases.


Surely there is not a single gardener who has not encountered, at least once in his life, such a problem as scab. This is a fungal disease that is characterized by the appearance of a brown-green plaque on the leaves. As a result, they dry up and fall off.

If you do not start the timely treatment of the tree, the spores of this disease can easily pass to the fruit. You can understand this by the way the apples are covered with dark spots. In general, it cannot be said that the parasha causes irreparable harm to the tree, but it spoils its presentation.

Powdery mildew

A disease such as powdery mildew is characterized by the appearance of an off-white coating on the leaves of the tree and its shoots. After a while, they dry up and fall off. The apple tree affected by this disease does not bear fruit well and practically stops growing.

If you do not take timely treatment, the spores will penetrate the ground and live there without problems until spring, after which they will hit the tree again. Powdery mildew likes to settle on plants that choose their place in waterlogged soil.


Peronosporosis begins with white patches that turn gray-purple over time. This disease is also called downy mildew. The affected leaves dry out and fall off rather quickly. The tree ceases to bear fruit and grow well.

Bark diseases

If there are diseases of the bark of an apple tree, over time, its shoots no longer receive the nutrients and moisture necessary for growth. Due to pathological changes, the tree dries up.

European apple cancer

European cancer is characterized by the fact that growths and dents begin to appear on the trunk and branches of the tree, which are distinguished by a red-brown color. If you look under the growth, you can find a wound or even a bare cambium of the trunk under it.


One of the first signs of this disease is the appearance on the bark of dark bulges with sores of red-brown color. Over time, the trunk of the apple tree, which was affected by cytosporosis, dries up, and the necessary nutrients do not enter the leaves. The disease is considered very dangerous, especially if its spores spread throughout the tree - as a result, it will inevitably dry out.

Black cancer

Recognizing black cancers is fairly straightforward. After all, the disease is characterized by the occurrence of black plaque. The branches appear to be covered with soot. In turn, the leaves turn brown and dry out.

It is necessary to treat this disease immediately, since an apple tree affected by black cancer can die literally in a season.

What to treat and what to do if the leaves of the apple tree dry

We figured out the reasons for the situation when the leaves of the apple tree begin to dry. It's time to figure out what to treat and what to do in such circumstances in order to keep the fruit tree healthy. The treatment regimen and the necessary actions are selected depending on the problem. Next, let's consider the most common options for the manifestation of troubles in an apple tree.

If the tree is sick

If a tree is sick and its leaves dry up, you need to carefully examine it to find out what caused this. So, if this is one of the diseases of the bark or leaves, appropriate treatment is necessary in each individual case.

Young seedlings

A young apple tree may have problems due to sudden changes in temperature, especially often in winter or spring. Unfortunately, nothing can be done.

And turn yellow in spring and summer

If the apple tree has produced a good harvest in July and August, the tree may be lacking nutrients and it is best to feed it.

Experienced summer residents recommend using Kemir or Sudarushka fertilizer for these purposes. If the apple tree is not young anymore, yellowed leaves may indicate that it should do a rejuvenating pruning.

And fall abundantly

Leaves can fall off heavily due to drought. The solution is simple - to carry out frequent watering. If the root system is damaged, then saving the tree will not work.

As after a burn

If a burn occurs due to an excess of fertilizer, the tree must be watered abundantly. The influence of poisons can also serve as a reason. In this case, the foliage is treated with a solution of vinegar or soda.

And curl up

Here the tree is checked for all possible reasons for the drying of the leaves and act according to the situation.

Around the edges

If this happened due to an excess of fertilizers, provide abundant watering.

After flowering

If the tree is without obvious damage, then the unfavorable wintering is to blame. The tree cannot be saved.

During flowering

This may be due to starvation of the apple tree. It is necessary to make top dressing.

At the top

If the leaves of a young apple tree begin to dry up to the top of the tree, this is an alarm bell. Most likely, the grafting site is affected or the roots are dying. In any case, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to rectify the situation. If this happened with an old apple tree, this may indicate that its life span has expired.If the apple tree is not young and not old, but the top dries up, this may indicate that there is a complex starvation of essential microelements.

Whole branches

This could be due to insufficient watering.

Gardening tips for proper care and prevention

There are tips from experienced gardeners for proper apple tree care and disease prevention.

  1. The tree is protected from freezing.
  2. It is necessary to control the rise in the water table.
  3. Periodically take care of feeding the tree.
  4. On a regular basis, carry out preventive measures to combat parasites and pests.
  5. Make sure that the pruning is done according to the rules.

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