Characteristics of the Snegirek apricot variety, description of fruiting and growing rules

Characteristics of the Snegirek apricot variety, description of fruiting and growing rules

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Gardeners are increasingly occupying planting areas with Snegirek apricot. The variety is frost-resistant. The owners of small summer cottages are especially fond of it: the tree rarely grows more than 2 m.

Description of the variety

Snegirek is increasingly found in summer cottages. Its qualities attract gardeners. Description of the variety:

  • plant height 1.5-2 m;
  • compact tree;
  • lives in the garden up to 30 years;
  • fruiting begins in the 5th year;
  • the variety is frost-resistant (withstands a drop in temperature to -40 degrees), hibernates without shelter;
  • the bark is thick, red-brown;
  • self-fertile variety;
  • the leaf is rounded, the edge is slightly indented;
  • flowers are white;
  • mid-season variety (ripens in mid-August);
  • fruit yield is up to 15 kg per tree.

Snegirek blooms late: at the end of April. This allows him to escape from recurrent frosts.... Flowers always form ovaries.

Characteristics of apricots:

  • maximum fruit weight 18 g;
  • the shape of the apricot is round;
  • the skin is dense, strong;
  • creamy apricot with a pronounced pink blush;
  • the pulp is juicy, yellow;
  • the bone of a ripe fruit is easily separated;
  • the taste is excellent - sweet, in the area of ​​the skin - bitter.

The tree bears fruit every year, without interruption.


The Snegirek variety has good characteristics. It can be grown in regions with unfavorable climates.

Drought tolerance

The tree is not able to fully provide itself with moisture. It needs to be watered regularly. It is enough to pour 1 bucket of water into the trunk circle once every 2 weeks.


Snegirek is a self-fertile variety. It forms ovaries without the presence of pollinating plants. This saves space in the garden.


Snegirek is a high-yielding variety. The tree rarely grows up to 2 m. But the yield is up to 15 kg. This is a high rate.

Landing features

Snegirek gives the gardener a good harvest of sweet fruits. But in order to regularly feast on apricots, you need to follow the planting recommendations.

Seat selection

The variety takes root well in areas protected from cold winds. It is recommended to plant the apricot at the southern walls of the garden buildings. These places are protected from cold east and north winds.

Soil selection

For successful fruiting, Snegirek requires a loose, fertile soil with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. On acidic soils, liming is recommended before planting. Heavy clay soils should be sanding (a bucket of coarse sand per 1 square meter should be brought in for digging).

It is required to prepare a landing pit in advance. Its size: 70 cm x 70 cm x 70 cm. The soil is removed and folded neatly next to the pit. Then it is mixed with mature organic matter and mineral complex and returned to its place. It is recommended to cook the pit in the spring with the planned autumn planting and in the fall - with the spring.


Young and adult seedlings require competent care. Only in this case will the trees give a good harvest.

Watering and pruning

The tree does not tolerate waterlogging of the soil. But it cannot provide itself with water on its own. The trunk circle should be moistened once every 2 weeks (in the absence of precipitation).

Snegirek is a low grade. It needs regular sanitary and formative pruning. These operations are carried out regularly. The optimal time is early spring or late autumn. Sap flow stopped at this time. The tree will survive the operation painlessly. Pruning rules:

  • the crown should be transparent;
  • all dried and damaged (during snowfall or wind) shoots are removed;
  • growing at an acute angle or crossing branches are cut;
  • cuts are made “on the ring” (to avoid rot);
  • wounds larger than 1.5 cm are covered with garden varnish or oil paint (to protect against bacteria and fungi).

For trimming, a disinfected (with alcohol or potassium permanganate) and well-sharpened tool is used.

Preparing for winter

The variety requires preparatory measures before the onset of cold weather. Recommended:

  • carry out water-charging irrigation;
  • to clear the near-trunk circle of weeds;
  • cover the tree trunk circle with spruce or pine spruce branches;
  • tie the trunk with burlap or synthetic mesh to prevent gnawing.

Simple measures will help the tree survive an unfavorable period.

Major pests and diseases

Snegirek does not have good immunity. It is affected by rot, moniliosis, cytosporosis, scab, curly leaves and fusarium. To prevent diseases, it is recommended to carry out treatment with copper-containing preparations.

The tree is parasitized by: ticks, sawflies, hawthorns, weevils. To protect against adversity, weeds should be removed and burned in a timely manner. Spraying with insecticides gives a good result.

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