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How to heal a hollow in a fruit tree

How to heal a hollow in a fruit tree

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How can a fruit and decorative tree be healed if in one large hollow, from which a large dry branch goes up, and down to the ground this hollow continues, and in the other, a hollow also to the ground, but the upper large branch is removed from it? Cutting trees is impossible, or rather, very undesirable.


Briefly describe the procedure, it consists of several manipulations:

  • Hollow cleaning;
  • Disinfection and drying;
  • Garden varnishing;
  • Fill the hollow with filler;
  • Coat with cement;
  • To paint.

Clean the hollow cavity from plant litter with a metal brush. After cleaning, disinfect the hollow with a solution of copper or iron sulfate. Let the cavity dry. Lubricate the entire cavity with garden varnish after densely filling the entire internal cavity of the hollow with any filler (broken brick, pebbles, gravel). Coat the filler with cement mortar so that the surface aligns with the stem surface. Allow the solution to dry, top coat with oil paint.

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