Description and characteristics of Pharaoh tomatoes, positive qualities

Gardeners often choose tall tomato bushes in order to get a large harvest during the season. Tomato Pharaoh refers precisely to such bushes, that is, indeterminate, therefore it is often used both in closed greenhouses and in open areas.

What kind of tomato Pharaoh?

This type of tomato belongs to F1 hybrids, originated from the crossing of two different varieties of tomatoes. Designed for growing in greenhouses from film. The bush is tall with an unlimited number of ovaries, so it bears fruit right up to the very frost. The main thing is to create warm conditions in the greenhouse, then the tomatoes will ripen fruitfully before the first snow. Due to the fact that the hybrid is indeterminate, it therefore requires a garter. It is formed into one lash, and new brushes with tomatoes are formed from the lateral sinuses. Grasshopping is done to remove excess shoots.

The leaves are green, small to medium in size, and do not need to break off as the plant grows.

The variety is mid-season - it takes 105-115 days from planting seeds for seedlings to harvest, a high-yielding variety, with proper agricultural technology, removes up to 12 kilograms of ripe fruits from one square meter.

Tomato characteristics

The tomato is round with a flat top, smooth, shiny. When ripe, it is green, when mature it is red. With proper care of plants, the fruits reach a size of 180 grams, more often 120-140 grams. Description of fruits - the pulp is dense, fleshy, does not crack when poured. In the section, it has 4-6 nests with seeds.

Good taste - sweet with sour taste and pronounced tomato aroma. Designed for fresh consumption and preservation.

Positive traits

When using a hybrid, gardeners leave reviews and note the following positive qualities of a tomato:

  • transportability;
  • resistance to cracking;
  • keeping quality;
  • yield;
  • taste qualities;
  • disease resistance.

Thus, summer residents recommend this variety for planting to members of the forum, relatives and neighbors in the country.


Planting seeds of the variety for seedlings is carried out at the end of February, picking at the time of the formation of two true leaves. Transplant to a permanent place of growth at the end of April, by the time of transplantation the plants reach 50–55 days of age. Tomatoes are planted according to the scheme 50 by 40 centimeters. At the same time, 3-4 plants grow on a square meter. After planting, the plants must be tied to the crossbar.

Plant care

To get a rich harvest of tomatoes, you need to constantly look after the plants. Care consists of the following activities:

  1. Garter bushes.
  2. Stepping into the growth process.
  3. Weeding the beds.
  4. Application of organic and mineral fertilizers to the soil.
  5. Watering plants.
  6. Loosening the soil after watering.
  7. Treatment with poisons from pests and fungal diseases.
  8. Timely harvest.

Pharaoh tomatoes are a moisture-loving plant, so you need to constantly check the moisture content of the soil and, if necessary, water the plants. After watering, the soil around the bushes is loosened, this procedure will keep moisture in the soil longer and stop the growth of weeds. The importance of agrotechnical measures:

  • Weeding is necessary to prevent the weeds from absorbing fertilizers. Otherwise, the grass will grow well and the tomatoes will grow weak.
  • Top dressing is carried out up to seven times during the entire cultivation period. Three times seedlings and four bushes.
  • If a bush infected with fungi or insects is found, it is necessary to immediately process the entire area, otherwise the crop will die.
  • Timely harvest is an important condition for a rich seasonal harvest. So when removing the already ripe fruit, other, unripe tomatoes begin to ripen.

The characteristic of the tomato is such that the variety gives a high-quality and rich harvest, subject to the conditions for its cultivation, so advice on planting and caring for this hybrid should not be neglected.

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