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How to pinch eggplant?

How to pinch eggplant?

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The fork in the stepson is formed from which parts of the plant? How to find out if this is a future fork? I have a problem when removing stepsons on an eggplant above the first fork in identifying stepchildren (I doubt if I will delete the future fork). Thank you in advance for your reply. Elena.


Elena, the standard and low-growing eggplant varieties, as well as varieties that are grown in open ground, do not need to be studded. But if you grow eggplants in a greenhouse, then they must be formed in the seedling stage. It is recommended to pinch the eggplant when they reach 20-30 cm in height. This technique stimulates the branching of seedlings and removes the problem of choice from you: whether it is a stalk or stepson. For fruiting, leave from four to six top shoots, they will all be fruit. After flowering, remove all leaves below the first ovary. Eggplant usually does not require further formation.