Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Red Pear

Pear-shaped tomatoes are what the average summer resident lacks in their seasonal tomato collection. The original shape of the fruit, reminiscent of a pear, will decorate any dish. Canned tomatoes look great in cans. You can purchase and grow pear-shaped varieties of any color: yellow, red, pink, orange and even black.

Description of tomatoes Red pear

It is worth starting the description of Red Pear tomatoes with the characteristics of fruits: round, narrowed towards the stalk, bright red in the phase of full ripeness. The pulp is of good density, contains a large percentage of dry matter, remains juicy and moderately fleshy. Tomatoes are not large, average weight 50 - 80 g.

The value of the fruit is not only in its original appearance. Tomatoes delight tomato lovers with a classic taste that harmoniously combines sweet and sour notes. Universal red pear tomatoes are used in everyday cooking (salads, first and second courses), serve as excellent raw materials for delicious winter preparations. Its fruits look especially good in marinades.

The characteristic of the variety will not be complete without specifying the ripening dates and the type of bush. In terms of ripening, the variety is medium early, 110 - 115 days pass from planting and the first shoots to the collection of the first tomatoes.

The bushes in the open field reach a height of 1.3 m, in the greenhouse they are slightly higher (1.5 m), according to the type of growth they are included in the group of indeterminate tomatoes.

The main advantages of the variety:

  • disease resistance;
  • fruits are stored for up to one and a half months at an air temperature of 2 - 3 ° C;
  • perfectly tolerate transportation;
  • good taste;

  • the original shape of the fruit;
  • universal purpose;
  • high yield - 6 kg / m²;
  • the possibility of growing in protected and open ground.

Siberian variant

For Siberia, scientists have developed a similar pear-shaped variety - the Siberian pear tomato. Cold-resistant, resistant to late blight. It gives good yields when cultivated in a greenhouse, but also in the open field with good care, the yield of the variety is decent.

The fruits of the Siberian pear are medium-sized (100 - 140 g), elongated, pear-shaped. The pulp is dense, the skin is strong and does not crack when the moisture content of the soil fluctuates. The purpose of the fruit is universal. Fruits are stored for 1.5 months. During storage, they retain their presentation and taste.

Interesting pear-shaped variety

Excellent reviews can be found for French Red Pears. Here is an assessment of the main characteristics of a tomato from one fan of this variety from Kharkov:

  • assessment of the bush by strength, leafiness, presence of stepchildren - 5 points;
  • the first ripe fruits are removed at the end of August;
  • assessment of the beauty of the fetus - 5 points;
  • taste for 5;
  • the maximum number of tomatoes in a brush is 8 pieces;
  • the yield is excellent - 5+;
  • the largest fruit weighed 600 g;
  • the maximum height of the bush in the open field is up to 1.5 m.

The variety is very productive, large, slightly ribbed red fruits are sweet, lying, dense flesh makes the variety universal. The fruits can be eaten not only fresh - tomatoes are suitable for any kind of harvesting and freezing. The variety deserves special attention of summer residents.

Features of planting and care

Seeds for seedlings are sown 2 months before transplanting into the ground. Seedlings at the age of 55 days can be considered mature, ready for transplantation.... Plant 3 plants per 1 m² when choosing a 2-stem bush formation scheme. For a denser arrangement - 4 bushes / m² - a 1-stem bush formation scheme is suitable.

Strong bushes require strong support - wooden (plastic) stakes 2 m long. You need to fix the bush to the support as it grows. Remove stepchildren when they reach a length of 5 - 7 cm. The second stem is formed from the stepson under the first flower brush.

During the ripening period of the fruits, in addition to the stepsons, 2 lower leaves must be removed every 2 - 3 days. When the leaves are removed, the load on the bush decreases, air exchange improves, and the risk of fungal diseases decreases. List of summer tomato care jobs:

  1. Abundant watering once every 5 days.
  2. Loosening row spacings after each watering.
  3. Weed removal.
  4. 2 - 3 fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

Orange pear-shaped tomatoes

Description of the variety Orange pear may be of interest to lovers of yellow and orange tomatoes. Perfectly smooth fruits taste great. You can make a delicious salad from them or put them on blanks. Tomatoes are smaller than average - tomatoes weigh between 50 and 80 g.

Up to 6 kg of fruits are removed from bushes grown in greenhouse conditions, more than 20 kg from a square meter. In the open field, these indicators are not much lower, and will suit any summer resident.

Tomatoes Pink Pears

Tomatoes Pink pears medium early. Ripen at 115 - 120 days from germination. In the Central lane and in the Urals, this variety can be grown only in greenhouses. In the south, tomato seedlings Pink pears can be planted directly in open ground.

In the greenhouse, the bushes grow above 2 meters, since the tomato is a clean indent. In the open field, the bushes are lower, but not much: their growth can vary from 1.5 to 1.7 meters. The bushes are recommended to form only 1 stem, removing all stepchildren. Pinch the crown after at least 8 pieces of full-fledged brushes are formed.

To obtain the yield declared by the manufacturer of 10 kg / m², the recommended density must be observed - 4 plants per square meter. For full development, the bushes are attached to a trellis or tied to a support.

Pink fruits, similar to small pears, weigh no more than 80 g in the open field and about 90 g when growing tomatoes in a greenhouse. The purpose of pink tomatoes is universal. The variety has a slight drawback - the skin on overripe fruits can crack. Summer residents who decide to choose this variety will like the taste of the fruits and their appearance: color, shape, size.

From the varieties offered, you can easily choose an interesting type of tomato. Those who have already planted pear-shaped varieties this season can share their results.

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