The most acceptable varieties of tomatoes for growing in Donetsk Kharkiv and Lugansk regions

The most acceptable varieties of tomatoes for growing in Donetsk Kharkiv and Lugansk regions

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Not a single summer cottage is complete without growing tomatoes. What are the best varieties of tomatoes for cultivation in the Kharkov and Lugansk regions, as well as for the Donbass.

Tomato varieties for Donetsk region

Tomato varieties that are most suitable for growing in Donetsk region:

  • Midas

The variety belongs to the mid-early ripening of tomatoes. It is considered one of the best tomatoes for outdoor cultivation. Tomatoes have a rich orange hue, pepper-shaped. The mass of one mature fruit can reach 150 grams. Vegetables are of high taste. Suitable for fresh consumption and canning. Very productive, more than 4 kg of ripe vegetables can be harvested from one bush.

  • Alpatieva

Tomatoes are early ripe varieties. The yield is stable, from 3 to 6 kg of ripe vegetables can be harvested from the bush. Fruits are oval in shape, suitable for salting as a whole, and for making juices, sauces and lecho. The bushes are determinate, the height of the main stem does not exceed 65 cm.

  • Waterfall

Tomatoes of this variety are mid-season cherry tomatoes. The fruits are small, the weight of the vegetable does not exceed 80 grams. The skin is smooth, glossy, without ribbing. The shape of the vegetable is oval, the shade of the pulp is red. Suitable for fresh consumption and for preparing salads. One adult plant can be harvested from 4 kg of vegetables.

  • Kostroma

The hybrid of the nightshade culture of Kostroma belongs to the mid-season. Fruits reach weight up to 140 gr. The skin is smooth, without ribbing. The first red fruits begin to appear 105 days after planting seedlings in open ground. It is a high-yielding hybrid, and the plant also needs constant care. The main advantage of the hybrid is its resistance to most diseases of nightshade crops.

  • Wonder of the world

Another fruitful tomato variety, which is suitable not only for growing in Donetsk region, but also in Zaporozhye. The variety is tall, the height of the main stem can exceed 3 meters. Each cyst of the plant can form 40 to 60 small tomatoes. The weight of one tomato does not exceed 80 grams. The maximum yield that can be harvested from one plant is 6 kg. The shade of the fruits is yellow, in shape they resemble small lemons. Tomatoes are good in salting.

Early varieties of tomatoes for the Kharkiv region

What tomatoes are suitable for growing if the planting site is Kharkiv region? The most popular tomato hybrids for cultivation in the Kharkiv region:

  • Tiger

A hybrid with a medium early ripening of vegetables. It belongs to undersized, the plant does not exceed 130 cm in height. The skin is smooth, slightly ribbed near the stalk. Unusual fruit shade. The tomatoes themselves are red with yellow stripes. High palatability, ideal for preparing fresh salads.

Fruiting begins on the 113th day after the appearance of the first shoots and continues until early September. It is necessary to tie the bushes to a vertical support. Stable yield throughout the entire fruiting period.

  • Black Prince

Another tomato with an unusual color of vegetables. The color of ripe fruits is black with a rich crimson-red tint. The hybrid is mid-season, the fruiting period begins 100 days after the appearance of the first shoots. The pulp is quite dense, very sweet, without sour taste. Ideal not only for consumption as a whole immediately after fresh harvest from the garden, but also for decorating various salads.

Unripe fruits near the stalk of a dark green hue, as they ripen, they acquire a dark purple hue. The average weight of fruits ranges from 140 to 200 grams. The maximum weight is 450 g. The very first inflorescence of this variety is formed by 7 or 9 leaves.

  • Semko-98

Solanaceous culture with medium early ripening tomato. The shape of ripe vegetables is oval, they belong to cherry. The mass of one vegetable does not exceed 80 grams. The inflorescence begins to form above the 6-7 leaflets. Then the inflorescence is formed every 1 or 3 leaves. 90-97 days after sowing the planting material, you can already begin to collect the first ripe cherry trees. One of the main advantages of Semko-98 is its high immunity to late blight and other common diseases of nightshade crops.

  • Talan

Talan belongs to medium early hybrids. The bushes are tall, the main stem can grow up to 1.7 meters in height. Large vegetables, weighing up to 300 gr. The shade of the skin and pulp itself is scarlet. It is worth noting that the skin is smooth, a slight ribbing can be noted near the stalk, as well as a green-yellow spot. The fruits are sweet and juicy, the flesh is not dense. There is a rather small amount of hemicarps inside.

Pink and red tomatoes for the Luhansk region

What hybrids of nightshade crops are suitable for cultivation in the Luhansk region?

  • Stanichnik

The stanichnik belongs to the mid-season. From the moment the first sprouts appear until the beginning of the fruiting period, it usually takes from 96 to 125 days. It can be cultivated not only in greenhouse conditions, but also in the garden in the beds. The shape of the fruit is oval, elongated. Small, only 60-75 gr. They are also distinguished by a beautiful, rich burgundy shade of pulp and skin. The plant itself is determinate (stem height is limited), from 50 to 65 cm. It does not need a garter to a vertical support.

  • South Palmyra

A very productive hybrid. South Palmyra belongs to the early hybrids. From the moment of sowing the planting material in the soil and until the reddening of the tomatoes, it takes from 60 to 76 days. The bushes themselves are strong, the plant is undersized, not spreading. The barrel is powerful. One of the main advantages of South Palmyra is its unpretentiousness to unfavorable climatic conditions. The plant tolerates temperature changes well. After harvesting, vegetables can lie for a long time without spoiling. Oval tomatoes, slightly elongated. The shade of the pulp and skin is red-orange.

  • Cinderella

Cinderella belongs to varieties with a medium early ripening of tomatoes. The plant is medium-leafy, the shape of the leaves is ordinary. The bushes are not spreading, they do not exceed 75-85 cm in height. After the emergence of shoots and before the beginning of the fruiting period, it takes from 88 to 93 days. 6-8 tomatoes are formed on each cyst. The tomatoes themselves are small, weighing from 140 to 200 grams. The skin is smooth, the flesh is firm. There are a small number of seed chambers inside. Unripe vegetables of light green color. As they mature, they acquire a red-green color.

  • Cimmerian

The hybrid of this tomato variety is medium early. After sowing seeds into the soil and before the beginning of the period of active fruiting, no more than 105 days pass. The plant itself is a determinant one (the height of the main stem is limited and does not reach more than 1 meter). The shape of the fruit is pear-shaped, the average weight of tomatoes is 60-75 grams. There is no green spot near the stalk. The shade of the pulp is red. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption and canning.

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