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Wither the fruits of a tomato on a bush

Wither the fruits of a tomato on a bush

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Tomatoes in the greenhouse became soft. It feels like they were cooked.


Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that the greenhouse has too dry air, which contributes to the deterioration of tomatoes. Try to ventilate more often and thereby cool the greenhouse. Also, fill the ground abundantly and often with water to keep the air moist. If this does not help, then the problem may lie in the parasites that attacked the bushes. Carefully inspect the shoots.

From my own experience I know that everything is unusual in a tomato. If they begin to fade, then the problem is just in excessive watering. This culture doesn’t really like damp, perhaps in a greenhouse it’s too damp and humid. Check, drip a little under the bush, is the ground too wet? Then you need to stop watering and ventilate more often, do not be afraid of drafts, this is not a problem for tomatoes, on the contrary they begin to bear fruit.