Description and characteristics of the Yubilyar apple variety, planting, growing and care

Description and characteristics of the Yubilyar apple variety, planting, growing and care

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For beginners who are just planning to grow an orchard, it is recommended to carefully choose the varieties. Attention should be paid to the Yubilyar apple tree, which has many advantages. With a minimum of maintenance, the tree will certainly delight you with a harvest of juicy tasty fruits.

Breeding history of the variety

The variety is almost four decades old. The Yubilyar apple tree was bred by the All-Russian Research Institute specializing in fruit crops. The variety was obtained by crossing Golden Delicious and Floribunda. Due to its many positive qualities, it quickly gained popularity among amateur and professional gardeners.

Advantages and disadvantages

The hero of the day has many advantages over other varieties, but there are also a number of disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • taste of fruits;
  • growth rate;
  • resistance to frost, heat, disease.

Among the shortcomings, there is a short storage time for fruits (no more than a month even in cool conditions), a long period from planting to full fruiting (up to seven years).

External features of the tree

Before buying a seedling, it is recommended to study the external characteristics of the Yubilyar apple tree. There are few special differences from other varieties, but it is better to familiarize yourself with them in advance, this will facilitate care.

Barrel height

The hero of the day is of medium height. The height of an adult tree does not exceed 5 m, which is convenient for harvesting.

Crown size

The crown is thin, has a rounded shape. The diameter does not exceed 4 m. The branches are slightly curved, located horizontally to the surface of the earth. It is recommended to form a crown the next year after planting.

Root system characteristic

The root system is compact. This allows you to grow other fruit crops - trees or shrubs near the Yubilyar apple tree.

Technical description

In addition to the appearance, it is recommended that you also familiarize yourself with the technical description - endurance, resistance to diseases. This will help prevent unwanted mistakes.

Low temperature resistance

The apple tree is highly resistant to frost. The tree easily tolerates temperatures of minus 25 degrees.

At lower temperatures, it is better to play it safe and cover the trunk circle with a layer of mulch.

Disease resistance

Even in cold summers with frequent showers, the tree is not affected by scab. The Yubilyar apple tree is distinguished by its increased resistance to other diseases of fruit crops - powdery mildew and rot, although it is better not to neglect preventive treatments.

In which areas is it possible to disembark

Resistance to difficult climatic conditions is laid down in Yubilyar at the genetic level. Thanks to this, apple cultivation is recommended in different regions of the country, even in the northwest.

Yubilyar crop yield

Due to its good yields, the variety is grown in private gardens and on huge plantations of horticultural enterprises.

The beginning of fruiting

Yubilyar enters into active fruiting only in the 7-8th year after planting. Single fruits can be harvested much earlier - 3-5 years after planting.

Pollinating varieties and flowering

To obtain a crop, pollinators will have to be planted. There will be no particular difficulties with pollination; it is recommended to plant any varieties of summer ripening nearby.

The Yubilyar apple tree blooms in mid-spring. In colder regions, the first buds may open much later.

Ripening and picking apples

The fruits of the Yubilyar apple tree ripen in September. In warm regions, the variety begins to ripen much earlier - in mid-August.

Taste and use of fruits

Ripe fruits have a thin yellow-green skin, along which brown streaks pass. The pulp is juicy, sweet and sour, fine-grained.Yubilyar's apples are universal - used for the preparation of preservation, desserts, fresh consumption.

Landing features on the site

Before planting a seedling, it is better to carefully study the basic requirements of the variety for the composition of the soil, the planting site. The technology differs little from planting other fruit crops.

Preparing the seedling and planting site

It is recommended to plant a seedling in the spring, immediately after the snow melts, and in the fall - until persistent frost. Before planting, soak the roots of the Anniversary in a clay mash (up to 1 kg of clay in a bucket of water).

Choose a cozy place for the apple tree, without access to drafts. Direct sunlight will not harm the tree, so it is better to place the seedling in a sunny area.

Requirements for the composition of the soil and the size of the hole

The preferred soil for the variety is light loam. When planting, prepare the hole in advance, add:

  • sand;
  • compost;
  • peat;
  • some clay;
  • garden soil.

It is better not to add nitrogen fertilizers, but the plant will certainly like superphosphate (no more than 10 g per well). The dimensions of the seedling pit are determined individually - the diameter should be 10-15 cm larger than the root circumference.

Landing technology

Before planting in the hole, pour a low mound of the prepared soil mixture. Place the roots comfortably, fall asleep, tamp with your palm. Be sure to water - at least a bucket per plant. It is recommended to immediately tie the seedling to the support - this will protect against gusts of wind.

How to properly care for a young and adult tree

Caring for the Anniversary will not cause difficulties even for novice gardeners. The processes that will have to be carried out are no different from caring for other fruit crops.

Regularity of summer irrigation

During the summer, especially if the weather does not indulge in rains, it will be necessary to moisten the soil. An adult tree will need up to 3 buckets of water, a young plant - at least a bucket.

Top dressing

Top dressing is not necessary, especially if the tree grows on nutrient-rich soils. Otherwise, resort to organic matter - to decompose a layer of mulch (peat, rotted compost). Useful substances with rain or melt water will enter the soil.

Crown formation

To form the crown the next year after planting. Further, the annual procedure consists of removing dry or damaged shoots. If necessary, remove thickened branches.

Insect and infection control

It is recommended to use Topaz against pests. Several preventive treatments per season are enough to protect the apple tree from insect infestations.

In the spring against diseases, irrigate plants with preparations based on copper. Due to the increased resistance to infections, additional treatments are not required.

Preparing for winter times

In warm regions, you do not need to cover the tree. Only in the northern regions is it recommended to put a layer of spruce branches or chopped straw on the trunk circle. Young trees are better protected even under favorable climatic conditions.

Anniversary is one of the apple varieties, which has many advantages. In order not to be disappointed in the tree, it is better not to neglect tips for growing and caring. The apple tree will certainly thank you for the minimum care with a delicious harvest.

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