Characteristics and description of the Berkeley Tai Dai tomato variety

Characteristics and description of the Berkeley Tai Dai tomato variety

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Today, no one will be surprised at tomatoes with an unusual look of bushes and fruits. For example, the Berkeley tomato Tai Dai Haat belongs to this variety. They have an original type of fruit, which differs from the usual red tomatoes with a round or flattened shape.

Description of varietal characteristics

The Berkeley Tai Dai tomato has very tall bushes. It belongs to the indeterminate varieties intended for greenhouses. The stems of the bush can grow to a height of about 1.8 m.

A compulsory garter to the supports is required. Produces many large fruits. On one plant, from 4 to 8 brushes are formed with ovaries located on them. When growing, pinching is required. It is optimal to leave 2 main stems on the bush.


The grazing of the stems grown in the axils of the leaves is carried out after they reach about 7 cm. An earlier or later breakage of the stepchildren can lead to injury to the plant. It is not recommended to completely remove the stepson. It is advisable to leave a small stump of about 2 cm.


This tomato variety is practically not affected by Fusarium.

Since a plant of such growth requires a lot of nutrients, it becomes necessary to feed with potassium fertilizers. With changes in climatic conditions, this variety has a tendency to perch.

Irrigation mode

For irrigation, you must use only heated water and protect the foliage from moisture. Irrigation is recommended in the morning or evening.


The plant has a rather decorative appearance. These tomatoes are named similarly to the method of dyeing fabric, when the material is twisted into knots before dyeing, and as a result of the procedure, multi-colored stripes are obtained. The fruits of this variety have variegated stripes in places. The color of the tomatoes is brown-red, with dashed green stripes.

The size of the fruits is relatively large, the tomatoes are flat-round in shape with slightly pronounced ribbing. The weight of one can reach 400 g. Tomatoes are quite pleasant to the taste. The pulp is brown-chocolate color. When biting through, you can feel an extraordinary fruity shade, which is why the variety has earned rave reviews.

The inside of tomatoes contains practically no juice.

This feature affects the way they are consumed. They can be used for making excellent salads, canning, freezing, drying, making sauces.


Ripening of tomatoes is medium early. The first ripe fruits can be picked already 78 - 85 days after planting the seedlings in the greenhouse. One plant will yield up to 3 kg. It is advisable to harvest only tomatoes that have ripened on the bushes. If you pick off unripe tomatoes and lay them out while waiting for ripening on the windowsill, the taste deteriorates.

Similar varieties

Berkeley Tai Dai Pink variety differs only in the shape of the fruit - heart-shaped. It was bred by the American breeder Brad Gates thanks to some mutation of the main variety. Berkeley tomato Tai Dai Haat has similar varietal characteristics.

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