Description of the Blizzard cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

Description of the Blizzard cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

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The Blizzard cucumber is the ideal variety for those looking to reap a bountiful harvest in no time. The hybrid entered to the register of the Russian Federation is famous for its high yield and good taste.


An ultra-early variety obtained by crossing two species by breeders of the agricultural firm Biotekhnika. Cucumbers ripen 37–30 days after sprouting. The hybrid does not require human or insect intervention for pollination, as it is capable of self-pollination.

Medium-sized bushes are moderately braided. The growth of the central conductor is unlimited, the lateral shoots are short. The color of the leaves is deep green. It blooms profusely, mainly with female-type flowers. In a bunch-type ovary, from 3 to 5 cucumbers are formed.

Cylindrical fruits are covered with dark green skin, which dilute thin white stripes in the lower part. The surface of the cucumbers is densely covered with large tubercles with a short white fluff. Length varies in the range of 6–8 cm, weight - 60–70 g. After the cucumber Blizzard F1 reaches a length of 5 cm, the shape of the fruit changes to a more oval one. The taste is delicate, sweetish. Pulp without bitterness.

Provided that all the requirements of the crop were met, the yield of Vyuga cucumbers is 15 kg per 1 sq. m.

The advantages of Blizzard cucumbers include:

  1. Short ripening period.
  2. High organoleptic characteristics and good presentation.
  3. Immunity to true / downy mildew, olive spot.
  4. High productivity.
  5. The ability to use cucumbers for different purposes.
  6. Good low temperature tolerance.

The characteristic of the variety has only one drawback, which is that voids are often formed in cucumbers.

Growing features

Caring for a hybrid of the Blizzard variety practically does not differ from caring for other varieties of vegetable crops. In the northern regions, where spring frosts are quite strong, cucumbers are grown through seedlings. Since the culture does not like transplanting, the seeds are embedded in separate small peat containers or cups filled with a substrate of humus, sod oak, sand, combined based on a ratio of 2: 1: 1. The seeds are planted to a depth of 1.5–2 cm. The comfortable temperature for the emergence of sprouts is + 20– + 22 ⁰С. Care for Blizzard cucumbers consists of the following manipulations:

  • The first thing for the normal growth of hybrid bushes is abundant watering. Cucumbers are watered once every 2-3 days with slightly warm water, which is introduced into the aisles. It is impossible to water the plants at the root, as rot may develop. The main rule for moisturizing cucumbers is that from the first to the second watering, the soil should not dry out too much.
  • Seedlings are fed with organic or mineral fertilizers, which contain a large amount of nitrogen. Please note that after planting, it is impossible to overfeed the bushes with nitrogen, since it stimulates the development of green mass, which negatively affects the setting of fruits. Mineral dressings are applied once every 2 weeks, organic - 2 times.
  • The grown stems are tied to a vertical trellis. As a result of the manipulation, it is possible not only to save space on the site and improve its appearance, but also to significantly improve the yield of the cucumber variety.

A gardener who wants to harvest a generous harvest must exactly follow all the recommendations presented, otherwise the description of the plants in the garden will have little resemblance to the description of the manufacturer.


As you know, the grown plants do not always correspond to the description. The reviews that gardeners leave about the Blizzard cucumber variety are mostly positive. The advantages of the hybrid include high yield and amicable return of fruits.

The housewives who made the twists note that the greens are not suitable for pickling, since the fruits do not crunch after processing and lose their taste. Due to this feature, cucumbers are recommended to be consumed fresh.

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