Description of the tomato variety Gavroche and its characteristics

Tomato "Gavroche" is an early author's variety of ornamental tomatoes. Here is the characteristic and description of the tomato variety "Gavroche".

Tomatoes "Gavroche" are an ultra-early variety of tomatoes. The growing season lasts up to 80 days. The variety has high stress resistance, cold resistance, and productivity. Grown in the open field, as well as in greenhouses. Also gives good results when grown on a windowsill or balcony. "Gavroche" semi-determinant tomato, can grow in height from 40 to 55 cm, depending on the conditions of caring for the bush. It forms about 6 brushes, each of which is laid through 2 true leaves. The first brush is laid between 4-5 leaves. On the clusters of up to 6 cherry tomatoes, like balls.

Reviews of gardeners are positive. The variety is quite unpretentious, but tying the bushes is necessary. The first stepchildren are removed for an earlier harvest. Tomatoes are characterized by a friendly response and the same fruit size. Productivity is 1-1.5 kg from 1 plant.

Characteristics of fruits: The color of ripe fruits of tomatoes "Gavroche" is bright red. Tomatoes grow 6 - 7 cm in diameter and weigh 50 grams. The taste is excellent. Tomatoes are sweet, moderately juicy, sugary, dense, contain few seeds. The fruits are suitable for all types of preservation and processing, as well as for fresh consumption. Looks great in a jar as a whole and in the form of tomato juice.

Transportability and keeping quality of the variety are high.

How to grow natural tomatoes without chemicals

To obtain a high-quality harvest without the use of chemicals, the following recommendations must be observed at all stages of cultivation:

  1. Temperature range for seedlings and tomato bushes:

  • Temperature 23-25 ​​C before germination in a box under the film;
  • After seed germination, the temperature is reduced to 20-22 degrees;
  • Daytime temperatures should be 5 degrees higher than nighttime temperatures, which are 14-15 degrees;
  • 1-2 weeks before planting in the soil, the seedlings need to be hardened, gradually increasing the presence of seedlings in the open air in the evening, or cloudy weather.

  1. Sowing seeds is carried out in light fertile soil. It is good to add ash to tomatoes, about 0.5 liters per bucket of soil.
  2. Watering the seedlings is necessary only as the topsoil dries up.
  3. It is better to plant seedlings in a permanent place when the seedlings reach 25-30 cm. It is impossible to allow overgrowing and thinning of seedlings, this will lead to the fact that the yield will decrease.
  4. For 1 sq. m it is optimal to plant from 3 to 5 bushes of tomatoes. It is not recommended to thicken the planting, as the yield falls.
  5. The beds should be carefully prepared for planting seedlings. Warm beds have proven themselves well:

  • cardboard is laid at the bottom of such a bed;
  • then a layer of sawdust about 10 cm is loaded from above;
  • hay or fresh grass is laid on sawdust, tamped with a layer of 30 cm;
  • sifted humus or compost mixed with ash and soil from the site is the top layer of the bed. It should be about 20-30 cm, but more is possible.

Warm beds only need to be watered. They work perfectly for 3 years without adding any additional fertilizers.

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