Description of the tomato variety Biathlon F1, its characteristics and cultivation

If a person has a personal plot, then with a high degree of probability you can find several beds with tomatoes there. Tomato Biathlon F1 is a variety that many will like. The culture is unpretentious and even a novice gardener can handle it.

Description of the variety

The description of the tomato must begin with the fact that this variety belongs to the early hybrids of the first generation. Tomatoes are harvested 90-102 days after planting seedlings in the soil on permanent beds.

The bush is determinant, the stem does not exceed 85 cm in height. The plant is medium-leafy, with powerful stems. Leaves of a characteristic shape for many tomatoes. As it grows, the bush will have to tie up and remove the side shoots.

The first inflorescence of the Biathlon variety begins to form above the 7-9 leaves. Subsequent inflorescences - every 2 leaves. The harvest ripens en masse if the summer is warm and sunny.

The advantage of the Biathlon hybrid is the presence of immunity to tobacco mosaic and fusarium wilt of the bush. It has a good yield, 4 kg of ripe fruits are harvested from the bush.

The hybrid tomato Biathlon F1 belongs to the bristle varieties, suitable for cultivation in closed greenhouses and open ground. 1 m2 it is recommended to plant 7 bushes.

Fruit characteristics

Characteristics of Biathlon F1 fruits:

  • The shade of the first tomatoes is rich red. The skin and flesh are the same color.
  • The maximum weight of a vegetable is 85-105 g.
  • Unripe tomatoes have a yellow spot near the stalk; as it ripens, it turns red.
  • The tomatoes are round in shape, the skin is not ribbed at the base of the stalk.
  • The pulp is fleshy, juicy. It tastes sweet.
  • Tomatoes are less suitable for salads.
  • Tomatoes are more suitable for whole pickling.

The quality of ripe tomatoes depends on the characteristics of the cultivation, as well as on the weather conditions. To increase the yield, you will have to feed the bushes with organic and mineral dressings.

Before watering, the soil must be loosened. It is often impossible to water Biathlon tomatoes, otherwise the fruits will be watery and tasteless.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing

The advantages of the variety:

  • Mass ripening of fruits.
  • Do not crack when salted in a jar.
  • Nice to taste.
  • They do not need special care.
  • Seedlings are easy to grow.
  • They rarely get sick with tobacco mosaic and fusarium.
  • Growing is possible in a greenhouse and outdoors.

No significant shortcomings in growing the Biathlon tomato were found. Most summer residents who planted a tomato on their site were satisfied.

Reviews from gardeners

Reviews of the Biathlon F1 tomato from gardeners who grew the variety on their site.

Constantine, 45 years old

“Good greenhouse variety. The bushes are compact and several plants can be planted in a small area at once. I especially liked the salting. Tomatoes fit well in jars and do not crack. Biathlon F1 did not bring much trouble with the care and cultivation of seedlings. I was pleased with the tomatoes. "

Olga, 67 years old

“I learned about this variety quite recently. A friend advised. I also decided to host Biathlon F1. The seedlings sprouted amicably, after disembarking to a permanent place they quickly got used to it and did not get sick. Tomatoes began to ripen early and almost all at once. This was especially pleasing. I was able to immediately roll them into jars, and not wait for the rest of the harvest. In general, it remained pretty. I will plant it next year. "

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