Instructions for use and composition of Masaya, dosage of insecticide and analogues

Owners of household plots and residents of rural areas are forced to use chemical agents to protect the plantings of cultivated plants from insect pests. On sale there are drugs for the destruction of a wide range of parasites, and there are those whose action is aimed at combating a specific pest. Many gardeners use Masaya, an acaricide formulated specifically to kill all types of ticks.

Composition and preparative form of acaricide "Masai"

The main active ingredient of the acaricide against ticks "Masai" is tebufenpyrad. Its concentration in one liter of a chemical agent is 200 grams. The acaricidal preparation "Masai" comes on sale in the form of a wettable powder, which is packaged in bags weighing 100 grams.

The manufacturer of the pest control chemical is the German company BASF.

Spectrum and principle of action of the drug

Highly effective acaricide "Masai" is designed to combat all types of ticks that destroy plantings of grapes, soybeans and apple trees. The chemical agent is characterized by a contact-intestinal action, in addition, it has translaminar activity. The drug is effective against mobile forms of mites - larvae and adult insects.

The active component of the Masai acaricidal agent, penetrating into the treated plant, gets through the tissues and onto the lower part of the leaf plates. The action of tebufenpyrad is based on inhibition of mitochondrial respiration of parasite cells. The effect of the chemical on pests begins a few minutes after it hits the plant.

The period of protective action, subject to the instructions for use, lasts up to 4 weeks. The effectiveness of the action is due to the fact that the active substance of the drug is capable of destroying ticks at any stage of their development.

Gardeners and summer residents, as well as farmers who have tried out the working qualities of the Masai acaricide, have highlighted several advantages of the chemical tick repellent. The pluses include:

  • the possibility of using an acaricidal drug in anti-resistance programs;
  • reliability and efficiency in the fight against all types of ticks, at any stage of development of the insect pest;
  • the presence of selective action and the absence of negative effects on beneficial insects;
  • the speed of action after the drug enters the plant and a long protective period;
  • ease of use - the bags in which the acaricide powder is packaged dissolve in water themselves, so there is no need for contact with the substance;
  • selectivity of exposure;
  • the possibility of using in a wide temperature range;
  • safety of use during flowering of cultivated plants;
  • the presence of a strong ovicidal effect;
  • the possibility of using in tank mixes with other chemicals;
  • effectiveness even at low consumption rates of the drug;
  • lack of phytotoxicity;
  • protection of the leaf plates of the plant, both on the upper surface and on the lower one.

Instructions for using the product

In the instructions for use attached to the acaricidal preparation by the manufacturer, the norms for the use of the chemical for each cultivated plant are indicated. To achieve the desired result and complete destruction of pests, you must adhere to the recommendations.

The rates of application of acaricide are indicated in the table:

Cultivated plantA variety of ticksThe rate of the drugNumber of treatments per season
Vineyard plantation· Common spider mite;

· Felt mite.

· From 0.25 to 0.38 kg per hectare of plantations;

· From 0.38 to 0.5 kg per hectare of planting.

No more than 2 times
SoySpider mite0.4 to 0.5 kg per hectare of fieldOnce a season
Apple trees· Red fruit mite;

· Hawthorn mite.

0.38 to 0.5 kg per hectare of gardenNo more than 2 times during the growing season

It is necessary to prepare a working solution for treating cultivated plantations before spraying, so that it does not lose its effectiveness. Pure water (half the volume) is poured into the sprayer tank, and the recommended amount of acaricidal preparation is added. Since the sachets dissolve in water, there is no need to empty the powder out of them. Turn on the stirrer and wait until the chemical is completely dissolved in the water. After that, add the remaining liquid and mix the solution again until smooth. Immediately after the end of cooking, start spraying the area.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Treatments are recommended to be carried out at a temperature of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius, preferably in the morning or evening, at a minimum wind speed, so that drops of the acaricidal preparation do not fall on neighboring beds.

Safety engineering

Working with any chemical plant protection product requires compliance with safety measures. Protect the body and hands with overalls and rubber gloves. To prevent chemical vapors from irritating the respiratory tract, wear a mask or respirator.

During the work, it is forbidden to drink water and eat, as well as smoke. After finishing the treatment, all clothes are washed, the person who sprayed must take a shower. In case of accidental contact of drops of working fluid on mucous surfaces or skin, it is necessary to rinse them with running water and go to the hospital for first aid.

Compatibility with other substances

Acaricide "Masai" can be used with other chemicals after a compatibility test. The tool is compatible with such drugs as "Strobi", "Acrobat MC", "Kumulus" and "Delan".

Terms and conditions of storage of the insecticide

If the storage conditions are observed, the shelf life of the Masai acaricide is at least two years from the date of manufacture. It is recommended to keep the drug in a dry and dark utility room, which is locked with a key. This will prevent children and pets from getting into the chemical.

What can be replaced?

You can replace acaricide with such drugs as "Vertimek", "Talstar" or "Oberon Rapid".

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