Description of the tomato variety Appetizing and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Appetizing and its characteristics

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Pink tomatoes are loved by gardeners. Tomato Appetizing fully lives up to its name. The shiny juicy fruits make you want to taste the berry immediately. And then you want to eat again and again.

What is the difference between Appetizing

The agricultural technicians did their best. The tomato grows and bears fruit in open ground, under temporary shelters, in unheated greenhouses.

Description of the variety:

  • average ripening period (115 days from hatching to assessing the taste of the first fruits);
  • determinant tomato (limits itself in growth);
  • in the open field <100 cm (in the greenhouse it stretches up to 170 cm);
  • leaves are bright green, plates are medium;
  • the plant overloads itself with fruits: a garter is required;
  • the bush is prone to growing green mass;
  • forms up to 3 berries per brush;
  • pinching is recommended for large fruits.

Growing Appetizing will provide a collection of 8 kg / sq. m of wine red tomatoes. Gardeners know: even a cool summer will not hurt to feast on berries.

What fruits like

The glare of the sun colors the tomatoes in all shades of pink. The plant looks unexpectedly decorative. The smooth transition from ripening to ripe tomatoes leaves no one indifferent.

Berry characteristic:

  • heavy, large tomato: weight up to 450 g;
  • in the process of ripening, it acquires a deep pink color;
  • the stalk has blurry green stripes;
  • at the top, the fruit is slightly ribbed;
  • almost regular spherical shape;
  • the pulp is granular, sugary, juicy;
  • the taste is sweet, the acid is not felt;
  • 6-8 seed chambers;
  • coarse skin.

Breeders have created a variety for salad purposes. But tomatoes are perfect for making pasta, juices, sauces, ketchup. The unexpected dark pink color attracts gardeners.

It should be remembered: the sugar content depends on the air temperature and the illumination of the plants. The warmer and lighter, the sweeter.

What agronomists advise

To get a delicious tomato, you should follow the planting and care rules. They are simple:

  • sowing should be in the third decade of March;
  • be sure to use growth stimulants;
  • harden seedlings, ventilate, feed;
  • increase daylight hours with an agrolamp;
  • plant on ridges filled with mineral fertilizers after late spring frosts;
  • organize drip irrigation (Appetizing does not tolerate waterlogging);
  • pinch and lighten the bushes to the first pouring brush;
  • mulch the ground with rotted organic matter or covering material;
  • it is required to tie up the stems and brushes;
  • a single application of nitrogen (before flowering) is recommended;
  • arrange ventilation in the greenhouse;
  • to accelerate ripening, do not overexpose ripening fruits on the bush.

See also

At high temperatures, cover the plantings with a white non-woven fabric. The peculiarity of the tomato flower is the drying of the pollen. The fruits stop setting.

What gardeners advise

  • Reviews about the yield of tomato Appetizing laudatory. Gardeners are delighted to receive crates of sugary dark pink fruits. They value:
  • delicate skin;
  • sweet taste;
  • unusual color;
  • universal purpose;
  • early ripening.

Gardeners would like to improve the transportability of the fruit. I do not like the compactness of the bushes (you can place a maximum of 4 bushes / m²). Cracking of tomatoes is noted with prolonged precipitation. Appetizing does not "run away" from phytophthora: it does not mature very quickly.

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