What is the difference between a partridge and a quail, features of birds and which is better

What is the difference between a partridge and a quail, features of birds and which is better

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People often wonder: what is the difference between a partridge and a quail? There are a number of distinctive characteristics that are inherent in each of the birds. Feathered differ in appearance, taste of meat and eggs, productivity. There is also a difference in lifestyle. To determine the differences between these birds, you need to focus on the color of their plumage, weight and size.

What is the difference between a partridge and a quail?

Partridges and quails have certain characteristics. This allows birds to be distinguished from each other.

Features of the

Partridges belong to the pheasant family and represent field and steppe game. Birds mostly live in one area. They are not prone to migration, but they are able to change their habitat with a lack of food or a threat to life.

In appearance, the partridge resembles a small chicken, which has a variegated color. It is characterized by strong legs that support a rounded body. The shade of plumage is different - white, brown, red, brown. At the same time, the birds are characterized by an uneven color, which helps the birds to camouflage.

Quails also belong to the pheasant family. They are considered to be small relatives of chickens. Feathers are characterized by ocher-colored feathers. The tops of the wings, the head, the back and the area above the tail are distinguished by different tones - dark and light.

Differences from other birds

Birds from the pheasant family are similar to each other. They search for food on the ground and bathe in the dust. The nesting principle is also similar. At the same time, partridges are distinguished by brighter feathers. They have gray fluff on the sternum, and a dark spot on the abdomen. The main difference between wild quails and partridges is that with the arrival of winter, the former fly south, while the latter remain.

Both bird species are accustomed to being terrestrial. They almost lost the ability to fly. Birds move on the ground and create their nests there. At the same time, partridges are 2-2.5 times larger than quails. For males of wild partridges, a weight of 430-450 grams is characteristic, for females - 400-410. Partridges hatch eggs longer than quails. It takes them 21-25 days, while the quail takes 17-19 days. In culinary practice, different birds from the pheasant family are used. At the same time, quails are often grown on farms, and partridges are supplied by hunters.

Weight and dimensions

The size and weight of the quail depends on their type. Birds that belong to the meat sector are considered to be quite large. Their weight reaches 280-300 grams. They are fast growing. It is permissible to eat such quails after 2.5-4 months. The mass of meat breeds is 180-220 grams. Egg quails have the smallest weight. It usually does not exceed 160 grams.

Expert opinion

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Partridges are large in size and body weight. The body length of these birds reaches 35-38 centimeters. In this case, the weight can be from 400 to 870 grams.

Calorie content

Quail meat is considered dietary. It has a perfect blend of protein, fat and carbohydrates. 100 grams of quail meat contains only 130 kilocalories. At the same time, the same amount of partridge meat contains 254 kilocalories. Therefore, people who adhere to diets, it is better to give preference to quail meat.

Benefit and harm

There are many health benefits from poultry. It includes vitamins B, A, H, K. Also, the product contains many trace elements. It contains magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium. These minerals have a beneficial effect on the function of the heart and blood vessels. They also support the health of the brain and nervous system, and help to strengthen the immune system.

Quail meat has a special component - ovomucoid. It is a carbohydrate-rich protein that relieves allergy symptoms. On the basis of this component, many antihistamines are made.

Poultry meat contains almost no cholesterol. Therefore, it is included in the diet of people who suffer from atherosclerosis. Quail meat is used to recover from complex traumatic injuries or long-term illness.

At the same time, the low calorie content of quail meat makes it ineffective in terms of replenishing energy reserves. Dishes from it cannot replenish the lack of strength during prolonged exposure to the cold or increased stress. In such situations, it is better to give preference to partridge meat, which is considered to be more high-calorie.

Tips for use

Quail meat is considered a rather peculiar product. Since poultry are lightweight, there is a risk of dry and tasteless meat if not cooked properly. To avoid this, it is important to follow some rules:

  1. Buy exclusively fresh birds. It is better to choose large quails with yellow-pink or creamy skin.
  2. It is recommended to remove or singe the feathers before cooking. Then rinse and dry the bird thoroughly. Then leave for 1-2 hours. This should be done in a cool place.
  3. Butcher the carcasses. In this case, the neck, legs and wings must be removed. Broth can be cooked from these parts.
  4. To make the meat juicy, it is important to use spices.
  5. Before cooking, the meat should be marinated. Also, carcasses can be processed with melted butter.

Partridges are usually sold frozen. It is recommended to gut the carcass before cooking. To do this, you need to cut the abdominal cavity, pull out the insides and goiter. To avoid drying out the meat during cooking, it is worth placing butter under the skin.

Partridges can be baked with vegetables or stuffed with sour apples. This meat goes well with wild berries. For this, it is permissible to use lingonberries, cranberries, cloudberries. Depending on the size and age of the bird, it can be cooked for 25-45 minutes.

Which bird should you choose?

When choosing a bird, you need to focus on your taste preferences and needs. Since the calorie content of meat is different, it is important to consider the need to adhere to the diet. Overweight people are better off giving preference to quail.

Partridges and quails belong to the same family, but they have many differences. The difference lies in appearance, taste, behavior. When choosing birds, you should focus on your personal preferences.

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