How to make vertical beds for growing strawberries with your own hands

How to make vertical beds for growing strawberries with your own hands

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A personal plot can be as large as you like, but there is always not enough space for a keen person. I would like to plant vegetables, and berry bushes, and fruit trees, and so that there is a place for a greenhouse, and a flowerbed with flowers. Favorite cultures require a lot of space. But, for example, for strawberries, you can create vertical beds, thus providing it with a lot of light and the necessary space. This method allows you to significantly increase the number of planted bushes.

The specifics of vertical cultivation

There are many examples of the construction of vertical beds. By the way, this method can be used when planting other plants, but we are interested in strawberries. She perfectly takes root in such an unusual bed. And how beautiful it looks!

In creating the beds, only your imagination limits you, because the materials from which you can create such a structure can be any.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

If you compare vertical cultivation with the usual method, the advantages are obvious:

  • space on the site is significantly saved;
  • the berries remain dry and clean throughout the season, regardless of the weather;
  • most pests are simply not able to get to the berries;
  • the problem of weeds disappears;
  • fertilizers are absorbed as much as possible;
  • convenient to harvest;
  • the garden bed will decorate the site.

But not everything is so rosy. There are also disadvantages:

  1. The soil dries up soon, you will have to water the plant regularly.
  2. Use only liquid fertilizers.
  3. Do not leave for the winter. The strawberries will freeze. You will have to move the bed to the room, if it is not possible to close it well on the spot.

Strawberry varieties for vertical cultivation

Experienced gardeners make recommendations on the choice of strawberry varieties that bear fruit best when grown in vertical beds. We are talking about remontant, ampelous strawberries and varieties of neutral daylight hours. From these types of berry crops, you will achieve continuous fruiting. These varieties are most often chosen.

Queen Elizabeth

The grade is remontant. Several harvests per season, from summer to mid-autumn, for a total of up to two kilograms per shrub. Resistant to pests and diseases. Queen number two is a large-fruited variety. Allows you to collect up to ten kilograms per season.


Very early variety. Curly strawberries. Frost resistant. Easy to transport. Productivity - 1.2 kilograms.

Homemade delicacy

The variety is remontant, decorative. Ripens early. It is often used as decoration for balconies and loggias.


Ampelny variety, Dutch. Small sweet and sour berries. The weak point is the horse system - it is susceptible to disease.

How to do vertical cultivation of strawberries with your own hands

Of course, you can also equip a capital structure. But how to do this without having rolled metal or new pipes or boards if you are building a vertical bed. When there is nothing like this, and there is little space, take a closer look at the materials at hand. On the site, things that are very necessary for this business may be found: boxes, bags, boards, pipe cuttings, plastic bottles, barrels and much more.

Beds in pipes

This method of planting strawberries is quite unusual and interesting. It allows you to get good harvests, and has become very popular. You can arrange PVC pipes vertically or horizontally. In any case, choose two: one - up to 200 millimeters in diameter, and the other - thinner, tap.

First, some manipulations should be carried out with the pipes, adapting them and then planting strawberry seedlings.

Step by step:

  1. Cut holes, 15 centimeters in diameter, at a distance of 20 centimeters from one another. If the pipe is intended for vertical placement, the holes should be staggered. These will become the holes in which you plant the strawberries.
  2. Form a drip irrigation system. A thin pipe will come in handy (a water pipe is also suitable), in which several holes are drilled.
  3. Insert the irrigation pipe into the large pipe.
  4. Make several holes at the bottom of the pipe. This is necessary so that water does not accumulate. Its excess contributes to root rot, the formation of fungus, powdery mildew.
  5. Close the large pipe with plugs. It is recommended to use wooden mugs for them.
  6. Fill the pipe with soil.
  7. Moisten the soil.

You can plant seedlings.

In plastic bottles

There seems to be no more economical material. For vertical planting, many gardeners use 5 liter bottles. In any supermarket, they sell drinking water or technical liquid.

The container is cut into two halves. One with a lid. It is in it, previously inverted, that strawberries will be planted. In this case, the lid does not twist tightly. This will allow excess liquid to drain freely into the pan, the role of which will be played by the second part of the bottle.

Before planting the seedlings in such a "pot", the bottom is laid out with a thin layer of drainage (you can use a hydrogel). Sometimes a synthetic winterizer plays this role - it retains water, and then returns it to the dried soil.

In a barrel

If there is an extra barrel in the garden (the size does not matter, the material of manufacture too), it will make an excellent strawberry garden. It will have to be worked on. First, clean from rust and other dirt, drill holes at the bottom, place drainage (gravel, pebbles). Then install a perforated irrigation pipe. Now cut holes in the sides of the barrel. A 10 cm slot is enough.

You can gradually refill the barrel. It is better to plant the lower tier with aromatic herbs. They will prevent soil acidification. And then plant strawberries over the entire surface.

Plank pyramids

Today, it is not uncommon to arrange pyramids in the country, especially in order to plant strawberries.

From the boards, the pyramid turns out to be of the correct shape and allows you to plant berries in tiers. This is done simply. Several bottomless boxes are hammered together, 20-25 centimeters high and smaller and smaller in size. An irrigation pipe is driven into the ground. Holes were made in it for water in advance. And then boxes are put one after another.

  1. First - the largest, fertile soil is poured into it.
  2. Above - a little less, and again pour the earth. And so on to the smallest.
  3. A watering hose is fitted over the end of the pipe.

Landings are placed around the perimeter of each box.

Tire pyramids

Build a pyramid of car tires in your summer cottage. It is better if the tires are of different diameters. Strawberries will grow around the perimeter of each tier. The more tiers, the more effective the design. The more tires, the more options for the flower bed. All tires are the same - not bad either. You will have a cylindrical bed. And to plant strawberries, you need to make side holes in the tires.

Important! Tires are toxic material. In addition, they can give off an unpleasant odor in the sun. And this is their biggest drawback. Gardeners often paint their tires with paint. This minimizes the unpleasant consequences of using such material.

Strawberries in bags

Any large plastic bag filled with earth can be used as an almost finished bed. To plant strawberries in it, it is enough to put an irrigation pipe with holes vertically inside the bag and make slots in the walls. It is in them that the seedlings are planted. It is enough to leave 20 centimeters between the slots. Yes, the optimal bag capacity is 50 liters.

Possible growing errors

The main mistake that gardeners and gardeners make is the use of land of dubious quality. It is not recommended to take the one in which you grew your houseplants. Do not forget to water the strawberries more often so that the soil does not dry out.

If you leave such a structure uninsulated for the winter, the plant will freeze, even if the variety is winter-hardy.

If vertical cultivation of strawberries seems incredibly difficult to you, do not despair. This is at first glance. It won't be easy at first. But with practical experience, you will want to take it seriously. Even surpluses will begin to form, which can be sold, thereby replenishing the family treasury.

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