Description of the tomato variety Glacier and characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Glacier and characteristics

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Today the tomato has become one of the most common plants in the garden beds of vegetable growers in the northern and southern regions of Russia. Tomato Glacier bears fruit successfully even in the coldest parts of the country. In 1999, Siberian breeders developed this cold-resistant variety. In 2000, it was officially included in the state register.

General information

The tomato bears fruit stably in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. Characteristics and description of the variety:

  • semi-determinant;
  • high yield, during the summer season, up to 8 kilograms of berries are obtained from one bush;
  • early ripening, maximum period before fruit emergence is 95 days;
  • standard;
  • plant height does not exceed 130 cm;
  • average foliage of the bush;
  • resistant to low temperatures;
  • friendly ripening of fruits;
  • resistant to most diseases of the nightshade family;
  • unpretentious;
  • possible long-term storage and transportation;
  • exactingness to fertilizing and soil composition.

The popularity of the variety is due to its resistance to low temperatures. The name of the tomato is justified, tomatoes feel equally well in the open field of the northern and southern regions. Appearance and technical data of Glacier fruits:

  • mature color - bright red;
  • rounded, slightly flattened shape;
  • medium size, with a maximum tomato weight of no more than 350 grams;
  • 3-4 cameras;
  • the amount of dry matter does not exceed 5%;
  • smooth;
  • sweet taste;
  • fragrant.

Tomatoes are among the universal ones. Ripe berries are used for canning, pickling, making ketchups, mashed potatoes, pasta, juice. Raw tomato is suitable as an ingredient in vegetable salads and table decoration.

Growing recommendations

For the variety, the seedling method of planting is preferable. Preparatory work begins a month before the expected sowing date, usually mid-March. To obtain healthy seedlings, it is recommended to follow a number of rules:

  • prepare containers with earth;
  • sowing tomato seeds to a depth of 1.5-2 cm;
  • after sowing, cover the seedlings with films;
  • will provide a constant temperature in the room not lower than 21 degrees;
  • make regular watering;
  • feeding seedlings at least twice;
  • after emergence, provide plants with a constant source of artificial or natural light.

7-10 days before planting, the hardening of tomato seedlings begins. Take the bush to fresh air. The hardening time starts from 30 minutes and is brought up to 2 hours. When two true leaves appear, a pick is required.

IMPORTANT! For a better harvest, it is recommended to form a bush of 2-3 stems.

In leaving, the tomato is not whimsical, a novice gardener will cope with the cultivation. To obtain the best result, a set of measures should be observed:

  • watering with warm water in the evening or morning hours, as needed;
  • regular loosening and weeding;
  • feeding with complex mineral fertilizer;
  • tying up the stems and establishing support.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! The neighbors in the summer cottage advised the Glacier tomato variety. I have never met this kind. Perfectly endured the cool summer in St. Petersburg. The yield exceeded expectations. From 1 sq. meters of planting harvested 28 kilograms of berries. Resistance to low temperatures, unpretentiousness and good taste brought the tomato to the first place. Next summer I plan to allocate 4 beds. Ripe berry is suitable for canning and pickling for the winter. I recommend!

Anastasia Valerianovna, 54 years old

I advise all residents of the north of Russia to buy Glacier tomato seeds. It can withstand low temperatures, bears fruit stably and does not require much maintenance. It is important to tie up the bushes and establish a support, otherwise a good harvest will not work. The variety is not demanding in care, it tolerates most diseases. Ripe tomatoes are very sweet and juicy. They tolerate transportation well and are stored for a long time, spoiled themselves with fresh berries until mid-October. I did not find any minuses for myself.

Natalya Ivanovna, 45 years old.

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