DIY instructions for making pig cages, dimensions and drawings

DIY instructions for making pig cages, dimensions and drawings

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Many pig farmers simply raise them inside pigsties. However, some people decide to make cages for pigs with their own hands according to drawings and sizes. Before that, you need to understand the features of such structures, as well as recommendations for their manufacture.

Why do you need a special cage

Many newcomers who have recently become farmers are wondering exactly what special cages might be needed for. Most often, young sows are placed inside such structures. It's no secret that the productivity of the pig herd is directly related to the survival rate of newborn gilts. Pigs are heavy and after the end of labor, they become clumsy, which can accidentally crush the newborn piglets. To prevent this from happening, the female is placed in a special cage for farrowing.

In it, the sow will be kept together with the newly born pigs until they can eat on their own. At the same time, the design features of the cage will not allow the pig to accidentally crush the animals. Such a farrowing box is very convenient for piglets, as they can independently get to the mother to eat. Moreover, such movements are absolutely safe for them.

Pig keeping pens have the following advantages:

  • Security. The animals that are inside will not be able to harm each other.
  • The convenience of use. The farmer will be able to easily clean these cages of manure and other waste.
  • Disease prevention. Piglets inside the pen are much less likely to suffer from infectious and viral diseases.

Primary requirements

Before equipping the pen in which the piglets will be kept, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirements. These include the following:

  • Quality materials of manufacture. A pen for piglets should be created from high-strength and durable materials. For example, steel pipes with galvanized surface are often used to create them. They do not corrode, even if they are indoors with high levels of humidity. Metal machines are considered to be of the highest quality, as if used correctly, they will last for decades.
  • Possibility of placing anywhere in the barn. In order for the barn to be placed in a pigsty, it must be of a straight or diagonal type. These options are suitable for placement on a farm. However, it is better to give preference to straight structures, since diagonal ones are more difficult to care for.
  • There should be no large gaps between the walls. Such holes are considered dangerous, as they can get stuck in the hooves of piglets. Therefore, in the manufacture of the machine, one must be very careful and eliminate cracks that could injure animals.
  • The ability to move the walls. Sliding structures must be installed in pigsties, as they allow large and small pigs to be kept inside. However, such products are not popular among farmers due to their high cost.

Drawings and dimensions

Before you start making a pig cage, you need to develop a drawing with dimensions applied to it. The dimensions of the structure largely depend on the size of the sow that will be kept inside. Adults weigh more than 300 kilograms. Therefore, for such animals it is necessary to make the cages more spacious so that the animal feels freer. For such a pig, the wall width should be about seventy centimeters. However, if desired, they do it even more. The length of the structure also depends on the size of the pig and small pigs.

Do not make cells less than one and a half meters long, as they will be too small.

It is also necessary to determine the optimal wall height in advance. They should be such that the pig cannot get out. The height of the cage is about a meter. In this case, the distance from the floor surface to the bottom of the wall is 30-45 centimeters. It is not worth leaving too large a gap, as through it little pigs can escape from the pen.

Tools and materials for manufacturing

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the cage, it is necessary to prepare the following list of tools and materials that will be needed during work:

  • Bulgarian. An indispensable tool that allows you to cut into pieces products made of durable metal sheets.
  • Circular file. May be needed for sawing planks that are laid on the floor.
  • Protective mask. Useful to protect your eyes from sparks that appear while working with a grinder.
  • Roulette. This is a common tool used during measurements.
  • Perforated steel grill. She is laid on the floor.
  • Heating lamp. Installed inside the cage for warming newborn piglets.
  • Screwdriver. May be needed if you need to screw in metal screws.
  • Hammer. Needed to equip the wooden floor inside the cage.

How to make a pig cage with your own hands

The production of a piglet cage is carried out in several stages:

  • Wireframe creation. First you need to make the frame of the machine. It is made from durable metal pipes. Less commonly, wooden beams are used. To make a frame, you need to connect four racks with iron beams. At the same time, they are fixed in such a way that the structure resembles the letter "P".
  • Installation of the frame. It is located at a height of 15-20 centimeters from the floor surface. The installed frame is the basis for laying the flooring in the cage. Both metal sheets and wooden boards can be attached to it.
  • Manufacturing of walls. Most often, the walls are made of iron bars. However, some use wood planks instead.
  • Feeder installation. It should be attached to the front half of the pen, where the sow will be.
  • Installing the door. The door to enter the cage is created at the back. A gap of 10 centimeters is made between it and the floor. This will make it easier to clean up manure between the floor and the gate.
  • Floor insulation. Its surface should be covered with straw or hay to make it easier for the piglets to lie down. This bedding will have to be changed daily.


Sometimes sows have to be kept in a cage. You can purchase it or make it yourself. However, before making such a design, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of its creation.

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