The best recipes for cooking eggplant with mayonnaise for the winter with a taste of mushrooms

The best recipes for cooking eggplant with mayonnaise for the winter with a taste of mushrooms

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Eggplant with mayonnaise for the winter is a delicious, and most importantly healthy dish. In the cold season, they will remind you of summer. This dish tastes like mushrooms and its aroma is incomparable, one of the best. If you do some twists, you won't regret it in the winter.

How to choose the right eggplant

What happens in the end directly depends on the quality of the selected product, that is, eggplant. You can buy them or use your own grown in the garden. The fruit should be round and approximately medium in size.

Inspect each vegetable initially, they should not be damaged in any way. Looking for those who have a smooth and even skin that does not have any flaws. The pulp should be firm, without voids, and the seeds should be large.


So, to start cooking, you need to find all the ingredients you need for the dish:

  • Five kilograms of eggplant;
  • Eight hundred grams of any mayonnaise (preferably the one you like);
  • Fresh onions - one and a half kilograms;
  • Mushroom-flavored seasoning - packaging.

When you buy everything you need, you can actually start cooking eggplants in mushroom-flavored mayonnaise for the winter. The recipe is quite easy and will not take much time, eggplant can be canned quite simply:

  1. Pour water into a saucepan and let it boil. It is needed to boil the eggplant a little. This will soften them and eliminate unpleasant bitterness.
  2. The vegetables themselves need to be thoroughly rinsed, and the stalks must be cut out. If you want them to be soft, peel them, but this is not necessary. Moreover, according to the original recipe, this should not be done.
  3. Now, using a knife, chop the eggplants into small cubes or slices. Next, put them in boiling water and let them boil for about 5 minutes.
  4. Then drain the water and pour the vegetables into a colander.
  5. Heat the pan well and add some vegetable oil. Eggplants should be fried a little, but only a little. As a result, they should turn slightly golden in color.
  6. Next, you need to do the same with the onion, that is, remove the husk and chop it. Then fry in oil in a pan. Pour eggplants and onions into one saucepan, add mayonnaise and seasoning there.
  7. All this needs to be mixed well, but do it carefully.
  8. Then you sterilize the containers (jars). The resulting vegetable mixture must be decomposed into half-liter jars. It is even advisable to tamp it so that it is denser. The containers themselves should be placed in a saucepan where the water was previously heated. Next, this pan must be set on fire and wait until the water boils, then boil (the sterilization process lasts no more than 15 minutes). Then you need to pull out the cans and roll up using the key. Until they cool, they should be wrapped in towels. This is how they are pickled.

All recipes say that preservation must be kept in the basement, because eggplants with mayonnaise can go bad for the winter. If there are few containers, place them in the refrigerator. Blue appetizer is great both cold and warmed, you can also make a sauce.


This is worth a separate section as it is important to use all the ingredients in the correct proportions to make a truly delicious mushroom-seasoned eggplant.

  1. For 2 kilograms of blue ones, you should use two tablespoons of seasoning.
  2. You need to put one onion for each eggplant.
  3. By the way, you can season the dish with garlic if you like.
  4. With regard to mayonnaise, it is advisable to use 800 grams, but less can be used, about 350-380 grams. It also depends on your preference.
  5. You should not add salt to the dish, because you can spoil the taste, you will season the eggplant with spices.

The recipe contains a spice, that is, it is far from natural, as it is seasoned with mushroom seasoning for the winter, and perhaps not even very useful. However, its taste will surprise you, of course, if you eat eggplant with mayonnaise in reasonable quantities, a little at a time.

For testing, it is better to close 2-3 small cans, and if you like it, you will do a lot more next year.

As an appetizer, the recipe is excellent. It will appeal even to those who do not appreciate canned eggplants or do not like them at all. They will recreate the summer atmosphere, remind the taste of summer.


If you follow the recipe and these recommendations, you will get quality and tasty eggplant for the winter. Zucchini can be stored for a long time, and their taste will not spoil, which is the most important thing. You will have a dish that will resemble mushrooms for the winter.

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