Instructions for use and composition of Brexil, compatibility of funds and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Brexil, compatibility of funds and analogues

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"Brexil" refers to modern fertilizers offered by the Italian company Valagro. The composition of dressings contains many valuable components. They are presented as convenient granules. The innovative chelating complex contains important substances that are specially developed for the treatment and prevention of chlorosis and for increasing the yield parameters. To achieve the desired effect, you must strictly follow the instructions.

Composition and form of fertilizer release

The drug is produced in the form of water-soluble microgranules. Professional bags can contain 1 or 5 kilograms of funds.

Brexil fertilizers come in different types. They differ in composition. So, a preparation marked "Mix" contains the following components:

  • 0.6% iron;
  • 6% magnesium;
  • 0.7% manganese;
  • 5% zinc;
  • 1% molybdenum;
  • 0.8% copper;
  • 1.2% boron.

The company's arsenal includes the following types of fertilizers:

  1. "Combi" - is used to care for plants that are grown in alkaline types of soil. They can also be used for crops that need a sufficient amount of iron.
  2. "Mix" - is used to feed plants that are planted in acidic, organic or loose soil. This complex is perfect for crops that require a lot of zinc.
  3. "Ca" - the composition contains 15% calcium and 0.5% boron. Calcium deficiency leads to top rot of the fruit and can be associated with alternating wet and dry soil. Also, with this problem, damage to the root system is observed. Most often, foliar top dressing with calcium nitrate is used to prevent apical rot. But this fertilizer contains 15.5% nitrogen. At the stage of fruit formation, such agents are capable of provoking increased vegetative activity. In such a situation, it is better to use "Brexil" with the addition of calcium.

Scope of use

Systemic use of Brexil Mix helps prevent and eliminate micronutrient deficiencies at the growth stage, normalize the structure of shoot tissues and increase their mass. As a result, it is possible to achieve an increase in the size and number of fruits. In addition, they are getting better quality.

The drug helps to completely avoid the likelihood of developing chlorosis or falling flowers. This is especially true in greenhouses.

The effectiveness of the drug is due to the components that are present in its composition:

  • magnesium and zinc - these trace elements are involved in photosynthesis and protein production;
  • manganese - participates in the process of photosynthesis and improves flower formation;
  • molybdenum - plays an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen substances;
  • Boron - Required for the movement of sugars and pollen germination, and also helps to lengthen the pollen tube.

All trace elements have a perfectly balanced composition. Thanks to this, good results are achieved.

The main advantages of Brexil fertilizers include the following:

  • a highly concentrated list of trace elements - even a small amount of a substance helps to make up for their lack in plants;
  • low acidity - pH parameters are 3.3, and therefore fertilizers are perfectly combined with plant protection products;
  • acidifying action - this helps to reduce the pH of the nutrient solution when using alkaline water;
  • the absence of sodium, chlorine and heavy metal salts in the composition - this helps to prevent the risk of burns and salt deposits on the foliage;
  • compatibility with many pesticides;
  • convenient form of release - fertilizers are produced in the form of granules, which facilitates their storage and transportation;
  • good water solubility;
  • rapid penetration into the structure of the plant - this happens literally after 2 hours, and therefore the composition cannot be washed off even by heavy rain.

Each molecule of "Brexil" contains triterpene glucose. They enhance the penetration of beneficial elements into plant tissues. The drug molecules are considered amphiphilic. They dissolve in water and fats. "Brexil" is easily absorbed by plants that have a waxy bloom on the foliage.

Another advantage of the drug is a high degree of assimilation during foliar dressing. Fertilizers "Brexil" provide cultivated plants with micro- and mesoelements. This helps to prevent a decline in quantity and quality.

Instructions for the use of "Brexil"

In order for the drug to give the desired results, first of all, it is required to make a stock solution. To do this, slowly add the product while stirring the composition. When using the substance, the following rules must be observed:

  1. On vegetables and fruit crops, the substance must be applied at intervals of 10-20 days until the symptoms of a lack of useful elements disappear.
  2. In indoor conditions, a concentration of 150 grams per 100 liters of water must not be exceeded.
  3. You can not mix the composition with calcium preparations without a preliminary assessment of compatibility.
  4. Kiwi, peaches and apricots are not allowed to be treated with the drug after the fruits have reached half of their size.

The dosage and application features of the agent are indicated in the table:

CultureProcessing periodSolution concentration, grams per 100 liters of water
Pepper, tomato, lettuce, strawberryProcess the planting every 15-20 days until the symptoms of micronutrient deficiency disappear.150-200
Stone fruit plants150-200
Pears and Apple Trees180-200

Security measures

The fertilizer is considered to be of low toxicity. However, when using it, it is recommended to follow the general safety rules. After using the composition, you need to wash your face and hands with soap.

What is compatible with

"Brexil" is perfectly combined with any plant protection products. Most often it is used in tank mixtures with insecticides. This is due to the same time of introduction of the substances.

Storage conditions

It is required to keep the drug in a dry place, out of the reach of children and animals. Subject to the storage conditions, the shelf life reaches 5 years.


There are no exact analogues of these fertilizers today. If necessary, the composition can be replaced with calcium nitrate or organic products.

Fertilizers "Brexil" are highly efficient and help to improve the development of many crops. For the drugs to work, it is important to strictly follow the instructions for their use.

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