Instructions for use of the fungicide Cumulus and consumption rates

Instructions for use of the fungicide Cumulus and consumption rates

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Cumulus is an effective contact fungicide that helps gardeners and gardeners to protect plants from fungal diseases. It is used not only for prevention, but also for the treatment of powdery mildew, scab, rust, powdery mildew. The drug is characterized by increased activity of the gas phase.

Composition, form of release and purpose of the product

The main active ingredient in this fungicide is sulfur. Its share in 1 kg of "Cumulus" is 800 g. The form of the product is water-soluble granules, packaged in sachets. The weight of each bag is 40 g.

The mechanism of action of the fungicide "Cumulus"

The principle of action of the fungicide is based on the suppression of the vital processes of fungi by the active substance. As a result, disputes do not have the opportunity to germinate.


Cumulus has significant advantages over its competitors:

  • the drug is not phytotoxic;
  • does not accumulate in the soil and does not pollute it;
  • even when working in windy weather, the loss of the drug is minimal;
  • effective against the main pathogens;
  • has acaricidal effect;
  • compatible with other types of fungicides, with the exception of those containing iron vitriol;
  • acceptable price;
  • efficiency in application.

Consumption rates for different crops

For different plants, the consumption rates of the drug "Cumulus" are different. It is advisable to give them in the form of a table.

CultureConsumption rate for 10 liters of water
Black currant20-30 g
Gooseberry20-30 g
Apple tree, pear, quince30-80 g
Grapes30-50 g
rose flower20-30 g

Preparation of working solution

Do not prepare the Cumulus working solution in a container intended for food products. You must have a container or tank specially designed for chemicals. First, the granules are poured there, and then water is added, stirring the mixture all the time.

The solution will be ready when the suspension is completely homogeneous.

How to use the drug?

As a rule, along with "Cumulus" instructions for use are supplied, which clearly describe how to use the drug correctly. It should be noted that spraying is carried out exclusively during the growing season. In this case, the acceptable temperature regime for work is +16 - +18 ะก.

Protective period

"Cumulus" does not have a long-lasting protective effect. Its effectiveness lasts for 1-1.5 weeks. After the expiration of this period, it is recommended to re-process.


When working with Cumulus, as with any other fungicide, certain safety rules must be observed:

  • be sure to use protective rubber or silicone gloves and a respirator;
  • cover bare areas of the body with clothing;
  • in no case eat food or drinks during the work;
  • after finishing the treatment, wash your hands and face with soap, wash clothes, and rinse your mouth.


"Cumulus" belongs to the third class of danger not only for humans, but also for bees and mammals.

Compatibility with other fungicides

When combined with some systemic fungicides, "Cumulus" shows the best results in terms of affecting plant diseases. These drugs include:

  • "Poliram";
  • "Acrobat";
  • bordeaux liquid;
  • Strobe.

In no case should Cumulus be combined with ferrous sulfate or with other substances that contain it. It is also unacceptable to combine this product with preparations containing organophosphorus compounds or mineral oils.

How to store the drug?

Like any fungicide, "Cumulus" needs to ensure the correct storage conditions, which will ensure not only its safety, but also the safety of people and pets. To do this, you need to follow simple conditions:

  • the chemical must be stored only in places inaccessible to children;
  • do not keep the product near food or medicines;
  • the storage location must be protected from direct sunlight;
  • it is necessary to ensure the temperature regime of storage of "Cumulus", which ranges from -25 to +30 C.

In a sealed original packaging, the drug retains its properties for 2 years.

Analogs of the remedy

A huge number of drugs with a high degree of effectiveness are positioned on the modern market to combat fungal diseases and infections of garden and garden plants. The main active ingredient of Cumulus is colloidal sulfur. If necessary, it will not be difficult to find an analogue of this drug, which include:

  • Tiovit Jet;
  • Topazio;
  • "Climate";
  • "Pawn-S".

It should be remembered that in addition to the main active ingredient, each of these drugs has certain additives and other components, one way or another affecting not only the effectiveness of the remedy itself against diseases, but also the growth and development of plants.

Before making a choice, you need to carefully study the composition and find out exactly how this or that component works and whether it poses a threat to human health or the environment.

It is important that by the time of harvest, all active ingredients and additives have time to neutralize and not accumulate in the soil.

If there is an apiary or a stocked reservoir near the site, then the effect of the selected drug on bees and fish must be studied, its toxicity class and its impact on the environment are specified.

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