Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Apparently invisibly, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Apparently invisibly, its yield

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Tomato "Visibly invisible" was officially registered in the early 2000s. Siberian breeders worked fruitfully on the variety, and as a result, the appearance of a variety that is optimal for unprotected soil.

In addition, these vegetables grow both under the film and in a large container on the balcony.

Characterizing tomatoes

  1. The culture does not have high foliage; nevertheless, before the fruit ripens, the bush radiates splendor. The shape of the leaves is normal, the color is dark green, the size is small.
  2. The bush of this variety is distinguished by its power, thick stem. If it is planted in a greenhouse or in a warm summer, it will be about a meter in length, and in the open field - half as much. A large number of ovaries is typical already for the first complex brush, which forms above the fourth leaf and then appears through each leaf.
  3. In terms of fruiting, the tomato has an extended fruit giving. The harvest will delight us during the entire growing season. If you prefer greenhouse cultivation, then fresh tomatoes will appear on the table until the second autumn month.
  4. The fruits themselves are distinguished by their round shape, good density, by weight - small, the first - a little more than 100 grams, the next - even smaller. Tomatoes have a beautiful, pink, smooth skin.
  5. As a determinant variety, this tomato variety has an excellent yield. It is no coincidence that its name: low bushes, one might say, are strewn with fruits, and each plant, with proper care, gives up to five kilograms of optimal tomatoes.

Why is the described variety useful?

Tomato vegetables "Visibly-invisibly" are rich in many useful substances. They contain a decent amount of trace elements and vitamins, there is such a fiber that is necessary for normal digestion. The pulp of tomatoes is endowed with the well-known pigment lycopene, which is important for the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels, helps in the treatment of eye diseases, and provides prevention against the formation of tumors.

Tomatoes of this variety can help those suffering from gastritis with low acidity. And biological fillers will benefit those who are struggling with excess weight and malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

We deal with seeds

For sowing the "Visibly-invisibly" tomato variety, the most optimal month is March. Before this procedure, pre-planting seed preparation is carried out. In the absence of its processing by the manufacturer, this is done independently. The seeds can be kept in a solution of potassium permanganate as a disinfectant for a quarter of an hour. Visit specialized points where drugs are sold that eliminate viral and fungal diseases of seeds.

Another seed must be tested for germination. It is lowered into a container of salt water, mixed well and left for 6-7 minutes. And those seeds that remain on top should be thrown away: they are empty.

The substrate is prepared in advance: it involves three basic parts - land from the garden, river sand and peat component. It is also possible to add wood ash: it will act as a useful fertilizer and will keep the acidity level of the mixture for vegetables normal.

How to properly prepare seedlings

Before the planting process, the soil is moistened with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The grooves in the ground should not be made below one and a half centimeters, in which case they will break through with difficulty and can drain strength. It is important to moisten the prepared plantings again, then give a film protection and place in a place full of warmth and darkness. The first shoots should appear in five days, then the film is removed, and the seedlings go to a place full of light.

For the correct development of seedlings and preventing their stretching, it is important to create the necessary conditions: keep the temperature within 20-23 ºС, avoid drafts, excessive moisture and lack of lighting.

The initial pick is organized during the appearance of two or three formed leaves on the fruits. Reviews differ on this process. Some believe that seedlings are injured by transplanting, while others are confident in better growth and development of plants after a pick. But one thing is undeniable: the sprouts are transplanted anyway when placed very close to each other in one small box.

It is important to avoid root bending when changing the capacity of the sprouts. The bush is placed in a pot with an earthen lump, where fertilizers of a complex type, such as "Gumat-Baikal" or "Aelita", are applied twice during the development period. Anyone who has already planted this crop knows that the optimal planting of bushes occurs at 16 ° C in the absence of frost at night. If you want to grow vegetables on the balcony, it is reasonable to have a non-woven covering on hand to protect the fruit from natural vagaries.

Grown bushes are not recommended for placing eggplants, peppers or physalis in the same place. The optimal predecessors for the "Visibly invisible" variety are former cabbage, cucumber, onion or carrot beds.

About varietal advantages and disadvantages

The description of the variety of these tomatoes testifies to the numerous advantages of the culture. Today's summer residents fell in love with “Probably-invisibly” for:

  1. Early ripening. After all, who doesn't want to see the fruits of their labor as soon as possible?
  2. Small bush height. This fact makes it possible to grow not only in large areas, but also right in front of a house or even a city loggia.
  3. Large fruit size. Even on the balcony, the bush will delight you with valuable and whole vegetables, and not small "toy" tomatoes.
  4. Excellent yield.
  5. Resistant to many unpleasant tomato lesions.

To the numerous and important pluses, the description of tomatoes "Apparently-invisibly" we add not so much minuses as certain features to take note of for summer residents. The bushes are very capricious to the irrigation regime and to fertilizing with fertilizers. Particular attention should be paid to this at the stage of active bush growth.

The characteristic of positive properties is much broader than all the negative nuances. It is no coincidence that this variety has already collected a large army of personal admirers, and not only in Russia. After all, the confidence in a good harvest and a balance of effort and result has been proven many times.

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