Description of tomato variety Noble fat man f1

Tomato Noble Fat is an early hybrid tomato species. The description of the variety should start with the yield of this tomato, since this novelty, bred by experienced breeders, and settled in the gardens of many gardeners, when grown in year-round greenhouses, can yield 2-3 times a year.

On the bushes of the determinant type, which can reach 130 cm in height, about 4 months after planting, you can observe even beautiful fruits, with a fairly dense, but not hard, glossy skin, weighing about 200-300 grams, and some specimens growing on the lower branches , can reach weight and up to 500 grams. Tomatoes have a juicy, not very dense pulp, which has a rather pleasant taste without sourness, with a light fruity aftertaste and a pleasant rich aroma. Moreover, each bush can produce about 3-4 kg of selected tomatoes.

Planting and leaving

Tomatoes Noble fat man f1 beats, quite unpretentious and easy to care for, but still have some nuances of cultivation. Since it is hybrid, it makes no sense to collect seeds for planting yourself, they are purchased annually. You need to germinate tomato seeds in February or March, depending on the climate.

Since industrial seeds are already processed from pests, there is no need to soak them yourself in a solution of potassium permanganate, so they are immediately placed in containers with specially prepared soil for them, you can not plant tomato seeds very deeply, 1 centimeter will be quite enough. Then, before the first shoots appear, the containers with seeds must be covered with something; for this purpose, any film or piece of glass equal in size to the container with seeds is suitable. DFor the successful germination of tomato seeds, all this structure must be placed in a warm, well-lit place.

After the sprouts sprout 2-3 leaves, to stimulate the growth of the root system, it is necessary to pick the main root. A month after planting the seeds, it is necessary to fertilize them with organic fertilizers. And about 14 days before planting sprouts in open ground, they need to be taken out to fresh air every day so that the tomatoes have time to acclimatize to weather conditions, this is called hardening.

Tomato seedlings are planted in late May - early July, the bushes are placed at a distance of about 50 cm from each other and applied under each fertilizer.

Pests and diseases

This species is immune to most diseases affecting this plant species. But still, as a preventive measure, before planting the shoots in the ground, the first thing to do is to water the soil with a pink solution of potassium permanganate. FROMobserving some conditions for growing this variety, or rather a certain watering technology: watering the plant strictly at the root, with warm, settled water, without pouring branches with leaves, you can prevent the development of various types of rot and late blight.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of this tomato undoubtedly include:

  • resistance to most pests;
  • high and stable yield;
  • fairly simple care;
  • excellent taste, appearance and aroma of fruits, as well as the versatility of their use;
  • resistance to cold and heat.

But it is impossible to consider the characteristic complete without mentioning the disadvantages, since, despite the abundance of advantages, this variety also has some disadvantages:

  • sensitivity to the nutritional value of the soil, the fruits may not turn out large enough if the plant does not have enough nutrition;
  • like other hybrids, this variety is susceptible to late blight, therefore, in order to save the crop, it is necessary to take preventive measures to protect the plant from this disease.

In general, the reviews about the oud variety are mostly positive and an increasing number of gardeners are choosing this representative of the nightshade for planting in their gardens, due to the simplicity of care and the high yield of this variety.

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