Step-by-step recipe for cooking unripe apple compote for the winter

Step-by-step recipe for cooking unripe apple compote for the winter

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Apples are used to prepare various preparations for the winter, including drinks. One of the recipes for seaming is compote made from unripe apples. The drink is not difficult to prepare, allows you to quickly quench your thirst, and is suitable for both everyday drinking and a festive table. The advantage of seaming is the minimum cost to prepare and process the fruit, and the taste of the drink is superior to any assorted fruit.

Is it possible to cook unripe apple compote?

Unripe fruits can be used to prepare different dishes.

It is important to note that unripe fruits produce delicious drinks, including compotes.

Unripe foods are advised to be combined with other fruits and berries. This will improve the taste of the dish and saturate with nutrients, since the juice from unripe fruits is sour.

Also, to prepare a drink in winter, unripe apples are dried.

Although there are many recipes for rolling compote with the addition of unripe apples, they are recommended to be used in the most extreme cases. Such fruits do not yet have the same balance of components to obtain the necessary taste. Even the aroma of unripe fruit drinks is blurry or absent altogether.


To make a harvest from unripe apples, you will need the following list of products:

  • apples - it is important that the fruits are not wormy;
  • sugar - 300 gr.;
  • spices to taste - cloves, mint, cinnamon, vanilla.

Instead of sugar, you can use fructose or molasses.

Food preparation

To speed up the preservation process, you need to prepare products:

  1. For compote, fruits of the same variety or with one degree of maturity are selected.
  2. The product must be intact and undamaged.
  3. Fruits wash well, allow water to drain.
  4. The fruit is peeled and cored if required by the recipe.

How to prepare jars

Banks that have been used previously, with labels, are recommended to be soaked in water for an hour. Then the container is washed using soapy or soda water, rinsed 2 times with clean water.

The cans should be washed 2 hours before canning. Before filling with food, it is recommended to rinse the container with boiling water or sterilize it over a saucepan for 2-3 minutes using an oven (25 minutes).

Metal lids and rubber bands are also washed, then boiled over low heat for 15 minutes. Caps can be stored for up to 2 hours before use

How to make unripe apple compote for the winter

It takes a little time to prepare a tasty drink from unripe products, since fruits must be placed whole in glass containers. There are a lot of options for making a drink from unripe fruits. It is made using whole fruits or wedges. It is better not to cut the fruit too finely, it turns out to be gruel.

How to make apple compote:

  1. Fruits are well washed out, fit into a 3-liter bottle.
  2. Boiling water is poured into a jar of apples and set aside for 20 minutes to warm up the fruits.
  3. The liquid is drained into the pan, sugar is added. After the syrup boils, it is sent to a jar of fruit.
  4. The can is rolled up, covered with a blanket until it cools completely.

Further storage of workpieces

It is necessary to store apple compote in a cool, dark room for 2 years. The compote closed in sterilized containers can stand for a long time at room temperature.

If the drink is not rolled up, then the shelf life in the refrigerator is 2-3 days.

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