Instructions for use, proportions and terms of processing grapes with fungicide "Skor"

Instructions for use, proportions and terms of processing grapes with fungicide

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Fungal diseases began to progress every year, and it becomes more and more difficult to get rid of them. Scientists have developed a complex remedy for fighting infections - "Skor" for grapes. Instructions for its use promise not only guaranteed protection against fungi, but also against other common diseases. Growers increasingly trust him with their plants.

Release form

"Skor" for grapes is produced in Switzerland in the form of an emulsion, which is packaged in containers of various sizes. The active ingredient is difenoconazole.

Purpose and properties of the fungicide

When Skor is used together with Topaz and Horus, fungal infections do not have time to adapt. The agent penetrates into the fungal tissues and inhibits their viability. A couple of hours after treatment with the drug, fungi lose their ability to reproduce.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

"Skor" has a lot of advantages over competing means:

  • harmful substances do not accumulate in fruits;
  • affects various types of fungi;
  • destroys both young and mature mycelium;
  • neutralizes the formation of disputes;
  • the peak of efficiency falls on the time when the ambient temperature reaches + 14 ... + 25 ° С;
  • after processing the grapes increase the yield;
  • can be used for pre-sowing seed treatment;
  • combined use with insecticides is allowed;
  • when it gets into the ground, it decomposes into elementary particles;
  • does not have the property of oxidizing in air;
  • you can use the drug continuously for 6 years, after which a break is taken for one year.

Like any tool, "Skor" has its drawbacks:

  • vineyards can be processed no more than 3 times in one season;
  • the fungus can acquire resistance to the main active ingredient;
  • you can not process the bushes during flowering and when the ovaries are formed;
  • does not give the opportunity to simultaneously overcome powdery mildew and rust;
  • the effectiveness of the drug significantly deteriorates at an air temperature of less than +12 ° C and more than +25 ° C;
  • high cost.

The mechanism of action of "Skor"

The drug "Skor" slows down the growth and development of fungi, and also prevents their further reproduction, preventing them from forming spores.

Instructions for use for vineyards

The use of a protective agent in vineyards has its own subtleties, which give a guaranteed result.

Liquid dilution proportions

To process the vineyard, dilute 4 ml of the preparation "Skor" in 10 liters of water. The gardener controls the consumption rates visually, approximately counting 1 liter of the prepared solution per square meter of area.

Processing time

The first treatment is carried out after the first signs of the development of the disease have been noticed or at the end of the first incubation period of the infection. If spraying is required for prophylaxis, then they do it after the vine grows 19-25 cm.

Spraying technology

The diluted preparation "Skor" is poured into the sprayer tank, thoroughly mixed and sprayed onto the grape bushes.

In the absence of the necessary equipment, spraying can be carried out using a broom, however, the consumption of funds in this case increases significantly, and the liquid on the grapes is distributed unevenly.

How quickly the effect will come

The effect of the drug "Skor" lasts about 1 week, but the positive effect becomes noticeable already on the second day.

Compatibility with other drugs

"Skor" is perfectly combined with other antifungal agents, for example, "Horus" and "Topaz". It can also be used along with insecticides.

Toxicity degree

"Skor" has the 3rd hazard class regarding the impact on the human body. For aquatic living organisms, as well as bees and fish, the drug is fatal.

Chemical safety

When working with the "Skor" preparation, you must wear a protective suit, a respirator. During the treatment, do not smoke or eat or drink any liquids. People who do not have personal protective equipment and pets are taken away from the work site.

Do not allow the "Skor" to get on the skin or mucous membrane of a person. When the first signs of malaise are found, all work is stopped, and if there are symptoms of poisoning, then you should immediately drink a couple of glasses of water, several tablets of activated carbon. It will be necessary to induce vomiting, as well as consult a qualified doctor.

Storage of the "Skor" preparation is carried out exclusively in places remote from food products, where access to children and pets is limited.

Gardeners reviews

Alexander, 38 years old, summer resident: “I have been using Skor for several years for treating grapes against fungal infections. The result pleases me, but the neighbors say that after 6 years of using it, it will be necessary to take a break. I haven’t found an alternative yet and will continue to use this tool ”.

Anna, 43 years old, owner of a private house: “I grow several varieties of grapes on my site. After a long search for an effective remedy against the fungus, she chose Skor. The drug is effective, does not cause significant harm, it suits me perfectly. I will definitely recommend it to my neighbors and acquaintances. "

Vitalina, 54 years old, summer resident: “Skor” began to be used to process several varieties of her grapes on the recommendation of her godson. I am very pleased with the effect of its use, but the price is quite high, so purchasing it costs me a pretty penny. "


Our manufacturers did not stand aside and released analogues of the popular antifungal agent. These include:

  • "Discor";
  • "The keeper";
  • "Pure color".

Work is underway to search for new similar drugs that would be in no way inferior to the foreign prototype in terms of price and quality.

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