New and promising potato "Vasily"

New and promising potato "Vasily"

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A new and promising variety of potatoes "Basil" bred specifically for cultivation in household plots. Currently, the variety has not yet been entered in the State Register of the Russian Federation.

Grade characteristics

Potato "Basil" belongs to the category of mid-season varieties. A detailed description of the variety is given by the nursery of the NGO Gardens of Russia, which is currently engaged in the distribution of seed material of this potato. The variety is characterized by increased drought tolerance, as well as a rather high resistance to damage by the main diseases of potato.

Notably that potato varieties "Basil" is able to very quickly form an aerial vegetative mass. Bushes are formed quite high, upright, well leafy. The powerful stem part contributes to the excellent shading of the soil and does not allow weeds to grow.

Flowering of bushes is plentiful and long. Corollas of flowers of white color. By the period of mass harvesting, from 5 to 10 large, aligned, round-shaped tubers have been formed under each potato bush.

High-quality seed potatoes are not a luxury, but it is important to carefully consider the choice of planting material, as well as conduct competent planting and further care.

How to plant early potatoes

Planting mid-season potatoes

Planting potato varieties "Basil" does not have significant differences from the technology of planting other medium early and medium late varieties. The main requirements and nuances of the proper planting of seed potatoes are as follows:

  • depending on climatic characteristics and weather factors in the cultivation zone, planting can be carried out from late April to mid-May, it is recommended that the event be completed before the first days of June;
  • the soil at the site for planting potatoes should be warmed up to at least 10 ° C;
  • half an hour before planting, the seed should be soaked in a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate or in a 1% solution of boric acid;
  • the standard distance between planted tubers should be about 0.40-0.45 m with a row spacing of 0.7 m.

Before planting potatoes, prepared and sorted tubers are recommended to germinate. It is advisable to start germination about a couple of weeks before planting.

It must be remembered that this potato variety reacts very poorly to excessive soil moisture. In areas and landing areas where groundwater is located above 0.5-0.7 m or where excess water may accumulate in the soil under the influence of other factors, raised ridges must be made for planting.

Care Features

Potato varieties "Basil" refers to undemanding varieties that require a simple technology to form a stable crop:

  1. Several times during the season, hilling should be carried out, which not only improves soil aeration, but also improves the process of tuber formation.
  2. In a drought, potato bushes should be watered, adding at least 10-12 liters of water to each bush.
  3. It is recommended to supplement watering with root dressing. To this end, rotten manure is most often used, as well as high-quality complex fertilizers, which do not contain chlorine and its compounds.
  4. To protect against pests and the most common diseases, prophylactic spraying with Fitosporin-M, Ordan, Kurzat or Bordeaux liquid should be carried out several times throughout the season.

It is important to regularly inspect plants and, if there are signs of malnutrition, perform foliar top dressing. It is also necessary to carry out weeding and loosening of soil between the rows.

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Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato "Vasily" has recently appeared on the market for seed material. Manufacturers declared the variety as very promising for home gardening.

How to grow potatoes

Reviews of this variety are currently not numerous, and some vegetable growers still receive only the first harvests after planting seed material. In recent years, the variety has been highly susceptible to insect pests, which many potato growers have coped with using such products as Decis, Fastak, Ratibor and Arivo. The general impression among the majority of gardeners cultivating Vasily potatoes about this variety is quite favorable.