Description of the Blueberry-Creamy tomato variety and its agricultural technology

Description of the Blueberry-Creamy tomato variety and its agricultural technology

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It is always interesting to grow new varieties of tomatoes, but before you get them, you need to familiarize yourself with their characteristics. Only by following the instructions on agricultural technology, you can achieve a generous harvest, because each variety of tomatoes requires the fulfillment of certain conditions. Among the novelties of 2017 there is such an interesting two-color tomato variety Blueberry-Creamy F1.


The highlight of this variety lies in its very unusual appearance: on one plant you can see fruits of both yellow and dark purple colors.

Tomatoes grow small (their weight is about 20-25 grams), but there are a lot of them on the bushes.

The taste of this tomato is distinguished by its tenderness and delicate aroma. Fruits of different colors have differences among themselves. Purple tomatoes contain anthocyanins.

Tomatoes of this variety are suitable for eating fresh and canned. They look interesting in salads.

Inside the fruit, the pulp of a tomato is red, which contains many minerals and vitamins.

Features of agricultural technology

Plum-blueberry tomato f1 is sown in containers or greenhouse soil in March-April. For this, the seeds are buried in the ground to a depth of 1–2 cm. After 7–10 days, at a temperature of 18 to 21 ° C, the seedlings sprout. You should be engaged in picking young plants after 2-3 true leaves have grown.

In the spring, when the threat of frost has passed, tomatoes are planted in beds or greenhouses at a distance of 40-50 cm between plants. Do this on fertile soils of light structure.

Since these are indeterminate hybrids, the plants grow tall (sometimes they reach up to 1.5 m). Therefore, tying and pinching should be mandatory components of care. Tall tomatoes are usually formed into one stem. They also monitor the timeliness of watering, weeding and loosening, as well as fertilizing and treating against diseases.

Since the Blueberry-plum tomato f1 is mid-season, the first fruits ripen 75–78 days after germination. This happens in July-August. Plants yield up to 25 kg / m2.


Reviews of this variety say that the Blueberry-plum tomato f1 is an excellent ornamental plant. They become not only a vegetable crop that gives a good harvest, but also, due to their extraordinary appearance, give aesthetic pleasure.

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