Household cultivation of table grapes "Muromets"

Grapes "Muromets" belongs to the category of complex resistant table varieties, characterized by early ripening. Harvesting begins in the last decade of July.

Grade characteristics

The grape variety Muromets was bred in 1962. Work on its withdrawal was carried out in the TsGL named after I.V. Michurin. Famous varieties Severny and Pobeda were involved as a parent pair. The authorship of the variety belongs to the famous breeders I.M. Filippenko and L.T. Shtin. The originator is the All-Russian NIIIGiSPR them. I.V. Michurina.

Grapes "Muromets" is cultivated mainly in the northern regions of Russia, where it has gained popularity among amateur winegrowers.

Grapes "Muromets": how to save clusters

Biological description

The plant is vigorous, shoot length can vary from 2 to 3 m. The ripening of the vine is very high and ranges from 2/3 to 6/7 of the total length. “Muromets” grapes are characterized by high productivity, varying from 12 to 16 t / ha. Shoots have a rare cobwebly pubescence.

The leaves have a medium-sized plate of pentagonal and seven-bladed shape. Anthocyanin staining of the main veins on the lower part may be observed. The matte surface of the leaves has a net wrinkle and grayish-green color. Petioles are brown-red. Bisexual flowers.

The grapes “Muromets” are very large. The average density and a slightly conical shape are characteristic. As a rule, the average weight of a grape brush varies from 300 g to 500 g, which depends on the care and weather factors.

Technical specifications

Grapes of the Muromets variety form rather large berries weighing more than 5 g. The main color of the skin of a fully ripened berry is dark purple. The berries are covered with a slight waxy coating.

The pulp of this grape variety is very juicy, fleshy, with a characteristic crunch, without the presence of a bright pronounced aroma. The taste is very harmonious and pleasant. Ripe berries are highly marketable. The wort acidity does not exceed 6 g / l. Sugar content is just over 17%. The berries contain fully formed seeds, the number of which can be from 1 to 3.

Advantages and disadvantages

Grapes "Muromets" has many advantages:

  • excellent resistance to damage by diseases such as mildew and gray rot;
  • a very high level of frost resistance, reaching -25-26 ° C;
  • picked berries are suitable for long transportation and long storage;
  • productivity can reach 7 kg from each grape bush;
  • high marketability of ripened berries;
  • shoots ripen almost to the end of growth.

The disadvantages of grape varieties "Muromets" are few:

  • strong cracking of berries at the ripening stage in too hot weather after heavy watering;
  • the variety is unstable to damage by oidium;
  • grapes are attractive to wasps.

In addition, sometimes there may be a peeling of berries, which takes on a massive character in insufficiently warm weather.

Landing rules

Grapes "Muromets" practically does not take root in soils with a significant amount of lime in the composition. For planting grape seedlings of this variety, you should choose a raised area with fairly moist soil. The best option is a warm and well-lit slope.

When landing, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • seedlings should have a well-developed root system and high-quality shoots;
  • seedlings should not have visible damage and signs of damage by diseases or pests;
  • a planting pit or trench for arranging a vineyard must be prepared in advance;
  • the depth and width of the planting pit should be selected based on the size of the root system of the seedling;
  • in the center of the pit you need to make an elevation from a high-quality soil mixture enriched with fertilizers;
  • landing scheme - 1.25-1.5 x 2.5-3 m;
  • in the central part, a support should be installed on which the planted plant will be fixed.

After planting the seedlings and falling asleep to their root system, abundant watering should be carried out, followed by the addition of soil around the bush.

Care Features

Grapes "Muromets" is quite unpretentious and does not need special care. The characteristics of this variety are a high level of plant thermophilicity and increased sensitivity to drought, which requires regular irrigation activities. Treatment from damage to major diseases is carried out three times during the growing season.

It is very important to carry out timely pruning of vineyards. The load on each grape bush should be about 40-45 shoots. When trimming, it is recommended to focus on 8-10 eyes. It should be borne in mind that the Muromets grapes are characterized by frequent fasciation of the lower part of the main shoot and the development of shoots outside the sinuses.

Formation is recommended to carry out a fan, four-arm, without a stem. Trimming can be done both medium and long, taking into account the strength of growth. The number of fruiting shoots exceeds 51%, and 1.3 brushes should be for each fruiting shoot.

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Gardeners reviews

Many winegrowers use the Muromets variety to make high-quality table wine. The berries are harvested in order to make homemade wine in the last ten days of September. It is not recommended to rush with the collection of berries to get a stronger dessert wine. The best option is to harvest in mid-October. However, experienced gardeners note that at these times the shoots often “eat” and can break off.

Grapes "Muromets" is one of the most beloved by many winegrowers varieties, which, although they do not have an exquisite and unusual taste, they produce the very first and very sweet crop. The main advantages of the variety, which are noted by amateur gardeners, are the great strength of growth, early staining and ripening of the crop, high frost resistance of the plant, excellent pollination and long-term storage of berries on the bushes. Grapes of this variety perfectly collect sugar and rarely burst.

Grapes "Muromets": phased development of the bush

"Muromets" refers to the recommended for homestead viticulture table varieties of European-Amur origin from the Russian selection. The variety has more than half a century of history and has proven itself in most regions of our country. The unpretentiousness of grapes “Muromets” allows it to be grown not only by experienced winegrowers, but also by beginner gardeners.