Description of the cherry variety Zhukovskaya, characteristics of fruiting, yield and cultivation

Description of the cherry variety Zhukovskaya, characteristics of fruiting, yield and cultivation

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The advantages of Zhukovskaya cherry over other varieties are many, as many gardeners have already been convinced: both beginners and experienced ones. The variety obtained by crossing cherries and cherries is distinguished by high fruiting, endurance. There are many more characteristics that are better known in advance, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the requirements of agricultural technology in advance.

History of appearance

The variety owes its appearance to the Michurin laboratory, in which a cherry named after one of the breeders, Zhukov, was bred. The breeding Michurin material was taken as a basis. The characteristics of the resulting variety surprised even the creators, they significantly exceed the advantages of the mother plant. The age of the variety is more than fifty years old, but Zhukovka does not lose popularity, remaining an adornment of many gardens.

Description of the variety

Cherry trees of Zhukovskaya are medium-sized, rarely exceeding 3 m in height. The crown is spreading, with a large number of side shoots. The first crop will be harvested already at 3-4 years of age. The peak of fruiting occurs 10 years after planting.

The description of the variety will be incomplete without mentioning the hardiness of the tree. Zhukovskaya perfectly tolerates frosts and summer drought, does not require special care.

Zhukovka is distinguished by berries, which, under favorable conditions, grow up to 7 g. It is easy to collect up to 30 kg of juicy fruits from one plant. The peculiarity of the berries is a sweet taste with a slight acidity.

Growing features

There are no difficulties in growing a plant, cherries are undemanding, they can do without frequent watering, top dressing. The main thing is to choose the right place, taking into account all the recommendations of agricultural technology, to fulfill the requirements that allow the plant to get used to the new place.

Seat selection

Zhukovka will be most comfortable in a sunny area with no drafts. In the presence of nearby groundwater, you will have to take care of drainage or choose a drier place. Light partial shade is not a hindrance to the development of the tree, but it can affect the fruiting of the plant.


It is better to plant Zhukovskaya in the spring, trying to catch it before bud break. Preference is given to annual seedlings, but biennials (no more than a meter high) take root just as well.

For planting plants, prepare a mixture of garden soil, garden soil, to which add:

  • phosphates (25-35 g);
  • humus (up to 6 kg);
  • potassium chloride (25 g).

If the site is replete with clayey soils, add sand to the composition. It is not recommended to introduce nitrogen components; they are used only for fertilizing 2-3 years after planting.

After planting Zhukovka, put mulch, which will protect the roots from drying out, freezing, and prevent the growth of weeds. Be sure to pour plenty of warm water.


In leaving, Zhukovskaya is not at all different from other varieties of cherries, so even beginners will be able to cope with the processes. Would need:

  • regularly add nutritional formulations;
  • watering;
  • loosen the soil;
  • fight pests;
  • carry out pruning.

It is imperative to remove weeds, especially in the first time after planting. It is not necessary to stir up the soil, it is recommended to simply mow the weeds.

Top dressing

The introduction of nutrients should begin no earlier than three years after planting Zhukovskaya. In the spring, a solution of nitrate is used (up to 30 g of the drug per plant). It is recommended to prepare liquid solutions, the use of pure fertilizer will provoke a burn.

In the summer, give preference to potash, phosphorus compositions. Prepare solutions strictly according to the instructions. Foliar irrigation of trees is recommended.

Use potash solutions in autumn. It is not necessary to purchase commercial preparations, it is recommended to apply ash (up to 100 g per plant).


In dry summers, the soil will have to be moistened regularly - at least once a week. Pre-loosen the soil surface. Deep loosening is not recommended, it is easy to injure the roots.

For one adult cherry, 2-3 buckets of water are enough. Use only warm liquid, adding cold water will provoke disease.

Disease prevention

Despite its endurance, Zhukovka is capable of suffering from diseases and pests. Preventive measures will help prevent damage - timely processing of trees.

It is recommended to use urea solutions and Insegar against pests. Irrigate until fruit appears.

Compositions based on copper sulfate, Bordeaux liquid will help protect against diseases. The last treatment is 3 weeks before harvest.

Cherry Zhukovskaya is a worthy variety that will adorn any garden. In growing a tree, you do not have to make every effort, the plant feels great even without the attention of the owner. Despite this, it is better not to leave Zhukovka without care, watering and feeding will allow you to achieve maximum fruiting.

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