The cultivation of early table grapes "Codryanka"

The cultivation of early table grapes "Codryanka"

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Grapes "Codryanka" is an early table variety that has increased resistance to the most common and harmful diseases of vineyards.

Grade characteristics

The breeding of the variety was the result of crossbreeding of the Moldova variety with the Marshalsky grape. Work on obtaining the hybrid form "Codrianka" was carried out in the NGO "Vierul" in the territory of Moldova. Also, the variety is known as "Black magic".

Biological Description of the Variety

Grapes "Codryanka" fully ripe for a period of 110 to 118 days. The bushes of this hybrid grape are very tall. The average weight of each grape brush can vary from 400 to 600 g. The mass of individual clusters is much larger and can reach 1.5 kg.

Technical characteristics of berries

The hybrid form "Kodryanka" forms large berries, measuring 3.1 x 1.9 cm, and weighing from 6 to 8 g. The skin is completely eatable and has a pronounced dark purple color. Taste is very decent. The taste is relatively simple. The pulp is dense and quite juicy, a small number of seeds.

Sugar accumulation rates reach 19% with an acid level of 7 g / l. The onset of consumer maturity is quite early, and with the collection of sugars to the level of 14%, berries can be used as food, due to the rapid decrease in the acidity of this variety.

Photo gallery

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Grapes "Codryanka" not only looks attractive in the photo, but also has a whole range of advantages:

  • ripe grape brushes can remain on the bushes for a long time without compromising the taste of the grapes;
  • the yield is stable and high;
  • it is possible to use "Gibberellin" to get the largest and seedless berries;
  • indicators of resistance to mildew are about 2.5-3 points;
  • the grade withstands frosts to -22 ° C.

Of the main disadvantages that the variety possesses, it should be noted a tendency to peeling under adverse weather conditions. In addition, insufficient winter hardiness indicators require the cultivation of a hybrid form as a cover crop.

"Kodryanka": a productive grape variety

Landing rules

The hybrid form of Kodryanka grapes, subject to the rules of planting and further quality care, shows very decent yield results. Instructions for planting quality and healthy seedlings of this hybrid form of grapes are as follows:

  1. Planting pits or trenches should be located in elevated areas, well lit by sunlight throughout the growing season.
  2. The location of the vineyard on the south side of the capital buildings with a distance from the walls of at least 50 cm is allowed.
  3. The landing area should be as clean as possible from weeds and debris, and also have fertile, light soil.
  4. It is not recommended to place grapes on soils where the depth of groundwater is less than one and a half meters from the surface.
  5. The size of the landing pit is standard and is 0.8 x 0.8 m, and the depth indicators should be equal to the double size of the roots.
  6. At the bottom of the pit, it is advisable to lay 5 cm of drainage, represented by small gravel or gravel crumb.
  7. On top of the drainage layer, 10 cm of a layer of fertile soil is laid out with the addition of basic fertilizers.
  8. A soil embankment should be made in the central part of the landing pit to a third of the height and a support should be installed.

The seedlings installed on the soil pit are sprinkled with fertile soil, watered 20 l of water with the addition of growth stimulants and tie the shoot to the support.

Care Features

Grape varieties "Codryanka" is very responsive to the implementation of the correct and timely care measures:

  • watering should be especially plentiful in the first days after planting seedlings, as well as at the flowering stage and on too hot days with no precipitation during the entire growing season;
  • to protect against frost in the winter, it is recommended to spud the vine with soil, and then cover with hay or straw;
  • Mulching with organic fertilizers gives a good result, which not only protect the soil from moisture evaporation, but also inhibit the growth of weeds, as well as nourish the grape bushes.

The hybrid form is characterized by high resistance to damage by the main grape diseases, which allows to reduce the frequency of preventive spraying and use standard means for protection. Soil cultivation and the use of fir spruce for shelter serves as a good protection of the vine in the winter from damage by rodents.

Gardeners reviews

Grapes of the Kodryanka variety have a table purpose and are often cultivated by amateur gardeners for the purpose of sale, which is due to the possibility of preserving the ripened crop for a long time. According to the observations of gardeners, the ripened brushes stay on the bushes for a very long time and are not prone to falling off. In addition, many winegrowers note that this variety is perfect for making wine, since fully ripened berries have a great balance of acid and sugar.

In the implementation of proper and systematic care, the hybrid form shows its best. Experts recommend that during unfavorable years in terms of temperature and humidity, treatments with phytohormones are carried out, the most famous of which is Gibberellin. Such treatments make it possible even in the presence of peeling to obtain a high yield of large, salable berries. According to many winegrowers reviews, the variety has high rates of marketability, keeping quality and transportability.

Grapes "Codryanka": phased development of the bush

Grapes "Codryanka" is best suited for cultivation in private vineyards. It not only forms a super-early harvest of high-quality berries, which is especially important when growing grapes in some areas of our country, but is also very responsive to care, and also does not require increased, everyday attention.