Recipe for making lingonberry jam with pears for the winter

Recipe for making lingonberry jam with pears for the winter

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Lingonberry is considered a rather useful plant, which is often used in medicine. Its leaves and ripe fruits contain many organic acids, vitamins and other useful components. However, this plant is used not only for the treatment of diseases, but also for making jam. Some housewives are engaged in the preparation of lingonberry jam with pears.

Cooking features

Before cooking the jam, you need to familiarize yourself with how to choose high-quality lingonberries. To make jam, dense and ripe berries without visible damage on the surface are selected. They should not be too soft or overripe, as such fruits will make jam too thin.

Also, before choosing a recipe for making lingonberry jam, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations for preparing such berries:

  • All fruits are carefully sorted out, washed with water and soaked. During the inspection, attention is paid to the surface of the berries, since rotten lingonberries are not suitable for jam.
  • It is impossible to pick off the leaves from a plucked plant, since they contain useful components. Many housewives prefer to cook the berries with them.
  • When creating any dishes from lingonberry, it is contraindicated to use containers made of aluminum. Upon contact with such material, lingonberry juice is filled with toxic substances that are dangerous to human health. Better to cook the jam in a stainless steel container. To store cooked jam, you can use food grade plastic containers.

Using the above recommendations for the preparation and use of lingonberries, you will be able to cook an excellent jam.

Preparation of ingredients

The main ingredient is lingonberry and therefore it is necessary to start preparing this particular component. Small and medium-sized berries are chosen for jam, as they are considered more tasty.

If some of them are a little rumpled, then it's okay.

The main thing is that a rotten bloom is not present on their surface, which affects the taste of the fruit.

For jam, the best lingonberries are considered to be their own berries grown in their summer cottage. They differ from purchased ones in a richer taste and attractive appearance. Before use, the berries are sorted out to reject spoiled ones and washed with water. The washed plants are then re-inspected to ensure they are free of sand or dirt. To create jam, it is enough to collect 2-3 kg of berries, which will make several half-liter jars of jam.

After preparing the lingonberries, proceed to pears. It is recommended to select ripe and firm fruits with thick skin. Greenish pear fruits should not be added to jam, as this will make it tasteless and pale. Select only equally ripe fruits so that they are cooked at the same time during cooking.

All selected pears are washed with water and peeled. Unpeeled fruits should not be added to the jam so that it does not have a bitter taste.

How to make lingonberry pear jam

After preparing the main ingredients, you should familiarize yourself with the recipe for making lingonberry jam with pear fruits.

First, the core is removed from all harvested pears, after which they are cut into small cubes.

Some people prefer not to chop them, but grind them in a blender so that the jam is more liquid. Chopped pears are placed in a saucepan and covered with a kilogram of sugar.

It is not necessary to chop the lingonberries, as the berries are quite small and are therefore often boiled whole. All cooked berries are poured into a container for the pear, covered with a lid and placed on a gas stove. It is necessary to cook the jam no longer than 5-10 minutes so that the ingredients do not lose their taste. If you want the jam to be non-gelatinous, it is better to add a little water to the container and boil the mixture for another 5 minutes.

The finished jam is distributed in jars and placed in the refrigerator for storage.

How much such jam is stored

The shelf life of any jam depends on the conditions in which it will be found. For example, in the refrigerator it can be kept for about two years at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. It is not recommended to put it in the freezer, as it shortens the shelf life to seven months.


Lingonberry pear jam is popular with housewives. To make such a jam yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with the recipes for its preparation in advance.

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