The use of boric acid for spraying cabbage

Feeding cabbage with boric acid is a necessary processing of such a useful, but very whimsical vulnerable vegetable like cabbage. We all know about the many useful properties of such a vegetable; cabbage is an indispensable product in the kitchen of every housewife. Everyone loves her: both thin and plump (as a dietary product), and adults and little ones. This vegetable is deservedly considered the queen in the gardening kingdom. Cabbage can be eaten raw: as all kinds of salads, stewed and fried. But what is borscht without cabbage? And everyone's favorite cabbage rolls also cannot be cooked without it.

But only summer residents and gardeners who at least once in their lives have grown this vegetable with their own hands know how whimsical and vulnerable it is. The use of all kinds of fertilizers is a prerequisite for growing this vegetable. Cabbage needs regular spraying throughout its growing period. This is due to the fact that such a healthy vegetable is to the liking not only of people and animals, but also of all kinds of pests. And the fruit itself is created in such a way that in its many many clothes, various insects start and reproduce, which themselves are not averse to feasting on it.

For processing, and for spraying and feeding this valuable vegetable, there are many different special chemical preparations, the use of which will protect the vegetable from pests and diseases, but ... the use of these means, although it cures the vegetable itself, is not displayed in the best way on the human body.

To protect yourself and your loved ones from the adverse effects of chemicals, it is necessary to feed and fertilize such a delicate vegetable only with proven and less harmless substances.

In order not to worry about your health and the health of your relatives, you can process and feed the cabbage with boric solution. The use of boric acid will protect the vegetable and will not harm the human body.

Fertilizing a green beauty and using boric acid for this, you will not only provide her with reliable protection against diseases, but also provide her with reliable feeding, because boric acid stimulates active growth and significantly increases yields. The use of boric solution will have a very beneficial effect on cabbage.

In addition, such processing is a very economical and inexpensive way. After all, boric powder is cheap and is sold not only in specialized stores, but also in every pharmacy.

Benefits of using boric acid

The advantages of using boron are obvious. Spraying a green beauty with boron solution, you:

  1. Contributes to a significant increase in the ovary.
  2. Accelerate the active growth of the plant.
  3. Improve the taste of the vegetable. Boron fertilized cabbage has a high sugar content.

Such a beneficial effect on the ovary, and on the whole vegetable, is due to the fact that the acid contains special substances that not only contribute to excellent ovary and active growth, but also improve the absorption of nitrogen by the soil, which in turn significantly increases the yield, and gives vegetables frost resistance and drought resistance.

It is important to know! Boric acid does not accumulate in vegetables, so it is extremely important to spray and water plants with it throughout the growing season.

Important to remember! It is necessary to use such a remedy strictly observing the dosage, otherwise the plants may get burned.

Application methods

Boric acid must be diluted in water. Moreover, first it is diluted in hot water, and then it is already necessary to dilute it with cold water to the required amount.

If cabbage is grown by seed, then pre-treat the seeds with boron solution, for this they are soaked for 24 hours in one liter of water with the addition of 0.2 g of boron. Before planting seeds, or seedlings, the beds themselves must be watered with a diluted boron solution.

The plant itself must be fed in cloudy weather, or early in the morning or in the evening, you cannot process cabbage during the day, when the sun is shining brightly and it is hot outside, in this case there is a high risk of leaf burns. To make the result more effective, you can spray the plant by adding a little potassium permanganate to the boric solution, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Important to remember! Root feeding is not recommended, the root itself can be fertilized, only in case of urgent need. Root processing is carried out only in case of acute boric deficiency, the plant is watered abundantly with water before that.

But foliar feeding is a very necessary and effective measure. Foliar dressing is sprayed on the leaves of the plant on both sides.

Is it possible to sprinkle cabbage, for no particular apparent reason? This is a very important question. Experts say that it is possible, especially during the ovary period. Only in this case, fertilizer is used exclusively in the form of irrigation, diluted, strictly adhering to the required proportion. Preventive foliar irrigation will significantly increase the yield of the vegetable. But you need to use such fertilizers strictly following the instructions and recommendations.

Boron deficiency signs

The use of boric acid is preceded by the following signs:

  1. In common cabbage, the lack of boron is expressed in the formation of a hollow head of cabbage.
  2. Cauliflower has a pronounced vitreousness: when the inflorescences become, as it were, transparent, there is also a deformation of the head, the inflorescences acquire a rusty hue, the taste of the vegetable becomes bitter.

If you have all of the above signs on your face, you need to start processing the plant as soon as possible. We spray the vegetable with boric acid with the addition of manganese. You can also combine boron solution with molybdenum. Such processing will significantly accelerate the maturation of the heads.

Experts recommend irrigating the cabbage plant, for the entire period of its growth, three times:

  1. We spray for the first time when the bud is formed.
  2. The second time - during the flowering period, when 5 leaves have already appeared.
  3. The third time is during the period of active fruiting.

Benefits of boron treatment

If there is a shortage of boron in the soil, and even in the plant itself, then the cabbage does not have enough strength for normal fruiting, as a result the fruits will be small, twisted. Such a disadvantage also affects the taste, the head of cabbage acquires a pronounced watery taste, loses its natural sweetness. Boric acid perfectly activates the root system, protects plants from diseases and pests such as heart rot and scab.

The acid promotes an increase in chlorophyll, which, in turn, increases the yield, and extends the shelf life, such a vegetable lasts longer.

Boric acid for spraying cabbage is an effective measure for increasing yields, as well as protecting vegetables from diseases and pests. It is only important to use the boric solution correctly, then you and your loved ones will always be provided with delicious cabbage.

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