Description of the tomato variety Lyubimets of the Moscow region and characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Lyubimets of the Moscow region and characteristics

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Greenhouses are limited in size. The tomato is a favorite of the Moscow region, gardeners are planted in open ground. The fruits of the variety are medium-sized, but sugary, pleasant to the taste. The crop is harvested for 3-4 weeks.

What captivates the variety

The breeders of the Poisk agrofirm offer a compact tomato for open ground. Landing under temporary shelters and film tunnels is possible.

Characteristics of the Favorite of the Moscow Region:

  • the plant is unpretentious;
  • ripens early (from germination to the first berries - 90 days);
  • determinant bush (grows 25-30 cm);
  • the brush has 8 tomatoes;
  • the leaf is light green, medium-sized;
  • the tomato does not grow green mass;
  • the plant does not require garter and pinching.

The peculiarity of the variety is unpretentiousness. A favorite of the Moscow region bears fruit in hot and cold weather. Early ripening "takes" the plant away from phytophthora.

The variety has good immunity. Does not have TMV. Gardeners note the need for preventive treatments against pests. Tomatoes are threatened by aphids and whiteflies. At night, slugs attack the fruits. To prevent it, crushed shells should be scattered around the perimeter of the ridges.

What grows on the bushes

The main requirement of the variety: illumination. In the shade, ovaries are not formed, the taste of the fruit deteriorates: it becomes sour.

The Moscow region is a region with changeable weather. A favorite of the Moscow region pleases with a stable yield. Gardeners grow tomatoes in problem areas. Even the northwest region will become native to the tomato.

Early tomatoes are distinguished by their extraordinary taste. A favorite of the Moscow region pleases with the sugar content of the berries.

Description of fruits:

  • spherical shape;
  • deep red color;
  • there is no spot on the peduncle;
  • the pulp is dense, juicy;
  • weight up to 150 g;
  • 3-4 seed chambers;
  • the taste is sweet, slightly sour;
  • the skin is dense.

The attractiveness of the variety is the early harvest of sugar fruits. Gardeners cut them into salads, eat them whole. Small tomatoes are salted and pickled. Overripe - processed into tomato products.

Tomatoes do not crack when cooked. They lie without a refrigerator for 3 weeks (in a dark place). Perfectly transported over long distances.

How to reach the record

To obtain the crop promised by breeders, the requirements of the variety for soil, irrigation, and top dressing should be taken into account. An unpretentious tomato sets fruit when growing rules are followed.

Features of cultivation:

  • soil acidity pH 5-5.5;
  • the soil is moisture-permeable and air-permeable;
  • fill the ridges in autumn with mature organic matter (compost for 3-4 years);
  • in the spring, add a full mineral complex (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus);
  • add a tablespoon of calcium nitrate to each well during planting (this measure will strengthen the plants, accelerate the ripening of the fruits);
  • mulch the ridges (prevent moisture evaporation, keep the fruits clean);
  • organize drip irrigation (optimization of water consumption);
  • sow seedlings no earlier than March 20;
  • planted on ridges at the age of 50 days (6 true leaves);
  • after disembarkation, shade from the sun for 3-4 days;
  • harvest ripe fruits regularly.

Pets need to be covered with foil during prolonged rains. For a prolonged cold snap, it is recommended to collect green tomatoes. They ripen well in a warm, dark place.

What summer residents decided

Reviews about the tomato Lyubimets of the Moscow Region are positive. Gardeners appreciated the plant's unpretentiousness and productivity. Pleased with the taste and universal use of the fruit. Summer residents noted the resistance of tomato to disease.

The dependence of the plant on sunlight is upsetting. Tomatoes turn sour in a shaded area. Some gardeners complain about fruits of 75-85 g instead of the promised 100-150.

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