Description of the standard tomato variety Lokomotiv and its characteristics

Description of the standard tomato variety Lokomotiv and its characteristics

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By the method of sampling, breeders from different countries have come to a consensus that early varieties of the standard type are better suited for growing tomatoes in the open field. Such compact tomatoes do not require the formation of a bush and further pinching of the shoot. This is the case with the Lokomotiv vegetable crop, which was bred not so long ago by Russian breeders. Having passed all the tests, the variety received state registration in 2010. Since that time, the tomato Lokomotiv has been cultivated in different regions of the country, where it gains more and more popularity every year for its excellent fruiting qualities.

Description of the variety

The Lokomotiv variety belongs to early-maturing vegetable crops. From the first seedlings of seeds to full maturity of the fruits, it takes about 85-90 days. The variety is intended for cultivation, both in open and closed beds. At the same time, different growth conditions do not affect its yield and fruit quality.

By type, the tomato variety Lokomotiv belongs to standard crops. A determinant bush, whose height in rare cases reaches more than 70 cm.

The advantages of the variety include:

  • excellent fruit qualities;
  • early and high yield;
  • good transportation;
  • long shelf life of fruits;
  • unpretentious care;
  • powdery mildew resistance.

When planting 3-4 bushes per 1 sq. m. the summer resident will be able to collect up to 13 kg. fruits. At the same time, the plant has amicable ripening of tomatoes, which contributes to their rapid processing.

Fruit characteristics

A distinctive feature of the variety is the original shape of the fruit. They resemble small pears in appearance. For such an original shape and taste, Lokomotiv tomatoes have received universal recognition among summer residents.

Distinctive characteristics of Lokomotiv tomatoes:

  • weight - 130-150 grams;
  • color - bright red;
  • pulp - firm, with 4 chambers;
  • the taste is spicy, with a slight sourness.

A variety of universal use. Its tomatoes can be eaten fresh, preparing summer salads, winter preparations, tomato sauces and pastes.

It is worth paying attention: the vegetable culture received particular popularity in whole-fruit conservation. Thin but strong skin does not crack during heat treatment, which allows you to surprise guests with whole tomatoes in winter.


If we take into account the reviews of qualified specialists, when grown in the open field, the Lokomotiv variety showed the best yield indicators in the southern regions of the country. In the Northern regions, this vegetable crop is best grown in greenhouse or greenhouse conditions.

The variety itself does not require special care for proper development. For its growth, it will be enough to observe simple agricultural techniques.

Description of growing tomatoes Lokomotiv:

  1. The variety is grown in seedlings.
  2. Seeds are planted in mid to late March.
  3. Before planting, the planting material is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  4. After germination, when real 2 leaves are formed in the seedlings, a pick is carried out.
  5. Transplanting seedlings into the greenhouse is carried out in early - mid-May, in open ground - in early June.
  6. Before planting, a complex of nitrogen and mineral fertilizers is applied to each hole.
  7. After planting, abundant moisture charging and soil mulching are carried out.

Further care consists in timely watering, weeding and loosening of the soil.

Important: the Lokomotiv variety in greenhouse conditions is often exposed to bacterial spotting. Therefore, at the first signs of the disease, the bush must be treated with copper sulfate, and all damaged leaves must be removed.

As you can see, Lokomotiv is strikingly different from other tomato crops. It grows well in different climatic conditions, has a high yield and excellent fruit quality. On my own I would like to add that I have been growing this variety for several years. During this period, Lokomotiv tomatoes have established themselves as unpretentious plants. But they shouldn't be watered often. From an excess of moisture, their green tomatoes begin to turn black, which negatively affects the quantity and quality of yield.

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