Instructions for use and composition of Bazudin, consumption rates and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Bazudin, consumption rates and analogues

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"Bazudin" is an effective enteric-contact insecticide that also has translaminar properties. It helps to cope with a large number of pests - Colorado beetles, wireworms, flies. Also, the substance is used to protect grain that is stored in warehouses. The drug is easy to use and can retain its properties for a long time.

Composition and form of release of "Bazudin"

The drug has several forms of release:

  • granules with a concentration of 5 or 10% - sold in 20-30 grams;
  • concentrated wettable powder 25-40%;
  • emulsion 60%.

Diazinon, which is an organophosphate insecticide, is considered the active component of the product. This component is a yellow oil that has a specific aroma. The active ingredient of the drug does not have phytotoxic properties, therefore it is allowed to use it for different crops - beets, corn, cabbage, wheat.

Principle of operation

"Bazudin" destroys insects by direct contact with them. Also, the composition penetrates into the body of pests through the tissues of cultivated plants, which leads to damage to their digestive system and provokes death. The tool has an effect on special pest enzymes - esterase and cholinesterase. These substances are responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses.

The main purpose of the tool is considered to be the destruction of the parasite, which is located in the deep layers of the soil. The drug successfully copes with dangerous pests - wireworms. It also helps kill other insects.

Appointment of funds

The tool can be used for processing cultivated plants, warehouses, grains, soil. It is allowed to use it to influence cabbage, melons, tomatoes, cucumbers. Also, the substance is suitable for processing stone fruit and pome trees, peppers, strawberries, potatoes. Ornamental plants are also sprayed with the drug.

The composition successfully copes with parasites under direct exposure and is able to get into the structure of plants that pests eat. The agent acts on insects through their digestive system.

Instructions for the use of insecticide

The composition is produced in the form of granules. 1 package contains 30 grams of the product. 1 dose of the substance can be used to treat 20 square meters of beds. There is also a liquid form of release of the product. 1 ampoule contains 12.5 milliliters of the substance.

Usually, different crops are treated with the composition - cabbage, potatoes and flowers - to protect against soil parasites. To do this, a container with a volume of 1 liter needs to be filled with sand by 3/4, add 1 package of granules and mix well. Then put the composition on the surface of the soil and carefully loosen the bed 15 centimeters deep. This will ensure that the substance enters the structure.

To deal with Colorado beetles and wireworms, when planting potato tubers, you need to add a sand mixture to each cavity. This is done in a volume of 1 small spoon. Similar actions must be taken when planting flowers.

Many gardeners use a composition from mushroom mosquitoes. The tool helps to cope with the larvae of these pests. To obtain the desired result, the preparation must be applied in a thin layer to the surface of the soil.

To disinfect the soil for indoor plants, it is recommended to add "Bazudin" to it a week before planting and put the container in a non-residential area. The temperature in it must be at least +15 degrees. 2 days before planting the plants, the soil must be watered with warm water.

If you plan to use the Bazudin solution for spraying indoor plants, it is recommended to mix the required amount of the substance with warm water. In this case, the proportions are shown on the package. The minimum interval between sprays should be 2 weeks.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

When adding a substance before planting work, the composition will help destroy the bear. It provokes paralysis of the larvae of ground beetles. The remedy takes effect within a few hours. In this case, the effect lasts for 6 weeks.

Safety measures during use

The use of the substance requires strict adherence to safety rules:

  1. You can not use the substance in the house if children live there. For several hours after application, the composition exudes an unpleasant odor. It intensifies many times after watering.
  2. Do not use food utensils to prepare the composition. All procedures are recommended to be performed away from children and pets.
  3. When processing soil and plants, it is recommended to use glasses, a respirator, gloves.
  4. Do not eat or smoke while etching.
  5. It is forbidden to work with chemists for more than 3 hours in a row.
  6. It is recommended to process plants in the morning or in the evening. This should be done in calm weather.
  7. After finishing work, you need to wash your face and hands well. It is also recommended to rinse your mouth out.

Bazudin poses a great danger to bees, birds and fish. Therefore, the product cannot be poured into any natural reservoirs. It is forbidden to let animals into the beds treated with the drug.

If a large volume of the product hits the surface of the soil, this area must first be sprinkled with sand, then remove 10 centimeters of the soil and neutralize it.

Tool compatibility

The drug can be combined with most fungicides and insecticides. However, first you need to do a compatibility test.

Terms and conditions of storage

"Bazudin" should be kept separate from medicines and food. It should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Do this in a cool, dry place. The temperature can range from -10 to +35 degrees.


Effective analogues of the remedy include:

  • Zemlin;
  • Dohlox;
  • "Trap".

"Bazudin" is an effective insecticidal agent that helps to cope with many dangerous pests. In this case, it is important to clearly follow the instructions and adhere to safety rules.

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