Description of the tomato variety My love and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety My love and its characteristics

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Tomato My Love was bred by Russian breeders. The plant is intended for all types of greenhouses and open ground. The fruits are beautiful and small, characterized by their versatility. The first ripe vegetables can be obtained quite early. The variety My Love gives an average yield with any care.

Plant characteristics

This tomato variety is relatively thermophilic. It is recommended to grow tomatoes in the southern regions. A good variety grows in the countries of the middle zone, in the far north it is possible to grow fruits in greenhouse conditions. The tomato of this variety has an average yield. Even if you take full care of the plant and apply drip irrigation, you can extract a maximum of 4 kg from one bush. On average, tomatoes of this variety love freedom, three bushes fit one square meter.

The variety is early maturing. In addition, the tomatoes of My Love can tolerate cold and drought. Even at such moments, the tomato will not stop its activity and will continue to bear fruit.

The plant has a fairly strong trunk and does not need a garter, it is characterized by good immunity.

Description of the fetus

The fruits are small and flavorful. Ripe tomatoes have a beautiful bright red color and a round shape with a characteristic "nose". Ripe tomatoes, on average, weigh 100-120 grams. Vegetables stand out for their versatility and are perfect for both preservation and fresh consumption.

Thanks to their dense skin, they will retain their appearance even when exposed to high temperatures. Tomatoes will also look good fresh. True connoisseurs will appreciate the taste of a representative of this variety.

In addition, the fruits have good keeping quality. Tomatoes can be transported long distances. Fruits can be stored in a cool place for a long time. Tomatoes are good for commercial use. Besides the fact that the fruits are beautiful, they are also useful. This variety has a huge amount of vitamins that are useful for maintaining immunity in the body.

How is sowing done?

Before planting seeds, they must be treated with a weak solution of manganese. This is to ensure that the seeds are not damaged by fungi or pests. Seeds are planted in mid-March or early April in prepared fertilized soil. After the plant hatches and the first leaves appear, they must be dived.

You can plant a plant in open ground in two months. Before planting a seedling in the ground, it is necessary to prepare the plant for the environment by hardening. Plant care consists of regular watering, loosening the soil, and fertilization. The variety is early maturing, the first fruits can be obtained in 80 days.


Ivan, 56 years old

Last year I planted tomatoes My love for the first time. I read the information on the Internet, and I was interested in the characteristics and description of the variety, I decided to check it in practice. I am very pleased with the result. The bush is quite strong, the plant does not need to be tied up and pinned. I've got enough vegetables. The fruits are very beautiful and tasty, with a fragrant smell. For all the time, the bush practically did not hurt, so it did not cause any trouble.

Ekaterina, 32 years old

I have been planting tomatoes for three years and I am very pleased with the result. In fruits, I like their versatility. Tomatoes can be used both fresh and canned. When preserved, tomatoes retain their beauty and decorative effect. Guests always ask for a given variety, are interested in how to grow it and always praise it.

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