Potato "Giant": a promising new

Potato "Giant": a promising new

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Potato "Giant" from the originator of the All-Russian Research Institute of Potato Management named after A. G. Lorch is recommended for cultivation in the Central Black Earth, Central and Volga-Vyatka regions. Mid-season variety forms a commercial crop for three months. Potatoes are suitable for cooking various dishes, as well as processing for starch. When breeding potatoes, the varieties Effect and 946-3 were involved. The variety was included in the State Register in 2013.

Grade description

Potato "Giant" is a tall, semi-upright plant with an intermediate type of arrangement of stems. Corollas of flowers of small or medium size. The leaves are large, intermediate type of growth, dark green, dull, medium size, closed. The corolla of the flower and the base of the light germ are red-violet.

The tubers are oval-round, light beige, with an average deepening of the eyes. The mass of the tuber does not exceed 145 g. The pulp on the cut is whitish-cream. The starch content is not higher than 18.9%. The total yield of 290-424 kg / ha. Marketability 87-98%. Leverage 97%.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Giant potato are confirmed by the originator, as well as its characteristics:

  • high and fairly stable productivity;
  • high taste;
  • completely no discoloration of the pulp;
  • good quality of tubers during long-term storage;
  • resistance to high temperature conditions and drought;
  • slightly affected by major viral diseases;
  • immunity to potato cancer;
  • relative immunity to late blight, rhizoctoniosis, scab.

When growing, one should take into account the fact that this variety does not have resistance to damage by a potato nematode.

The best varieties of potatoes

Landing Features

The productivity and quality of tubers depends on the correct use of the entire volume of agrotechnical methods in the process of planting potatoes of the Giant variety.

It is important that you follow these guidelines:

  1. For planting, it is necessary to allocate the most even and fertile area that is well lit and protected from the high location of groundwater.
  2. If there is acidic soil on the site, it is necessary to liming or add 20 kg of gypsum to each hundredth of the site.
  3. When planting potatoes, it is important to perform straight rows while maintaining a given row spacing along the entire length.
  4. Spring planting should be accompanied by local application of ash, peat or humus soil. The best result is observed when green manure, organic fertilizers in the form of rotted litter manure in the amount of 400-600 kg per hundred square meters, mineral phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the amount of 3 kg of superphosphate and potassium chloride per each hundred are applied in the autumn during the main soil treatment.
  5. The generally accepted methods for improving the productivity of potato tubers is the use of exclusively healthy and high-quality planting material for planting, which must be pre-sowed.

Care Rules

Fulfillment of the data below on recommendations for caring for the planting of Giant potato in full will allow the culture to develop qualitatively throughout the growing season:

  • In the implementation of intensive technology for the cultivation of potatoes, it is of no small importance to carry out correct hilling, which not only helps to remove weeds, but also replaces the loosening of soil around plants, and also creates the best conditions for tuberization and protects them from temperature increase.
  • With proper irrigation, the optimum time has the opportunity to positively affect the growth and quality of potato tubers, and insufficient moisture is often the cause of the death of stolons (underground shoots) and a significant shortage of crops at the stage of harvesting.

  • The effectiveness of fertilizers in most cases depends on the soil and climatic conditions, as well as the level of agricultural technology. Potatoes are very responsive to the application of manure on any type of soil, but the highest yield increase is obtained by applying this type of fertilizer on sod-podzolic soils, and especially on sandy and sandy loamy soils.
  • Systematic preventive spraying of potatoes is carried out using such means and modern preparations as "Ditan M-45", "Acrobat-MC", "Ridomil Gold MC", "Sandofan M8", "Kuproksat", copper oxychloride, "Kinmix", " Arriv "and" Tsimbush ".

We also offer you to get acquainted with the features of the potato variety "Irbitsky".

Reviews gardeners

Potato "Giant", like other modern high-yielding varieties of intensive type of crop formation, is characterized by a high level of responsiveness to timely and proper fertilizer application. A feature of the variety is its high resistance to adverse weather conditions and the ability to form a high yield even with insufficient care and lack of watering.

How to get a big potato crop

The variety is very tasty, yellow-meat, suitable for cooking almost any dish. Potato "Giant" is one of the new products that Russian gardeners are still eyeing, so there are few reviews of it yet. However, potato growers who have already tried this variety, give it a high rating and recommend cultivation in household plots.