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Features of the grape variety Gift Nesveta

Features of the grape variety Gift Nesveta

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Grapes “Gift of Light” is one of the promising hybrid forms from amateur selection. Description of the variety is of interest to both experienced and beginner growers who are set to cultivate new products.

Grade characteristics

A new hybrid form of table grapes from the selection of EG Pavlovsky called “Gift of Light” was developed by crossing the Talisman variety with the Pretty Woman variety. Like much of the new hybrids, grapes “Gift of Light” received maximum advantages from parental varieties.

Biological description

Bushes of table grapes “Gift of Light” are classified as vigorous. Harvest ripens in 95-105 days from the start of the growing season. In the southern regions, berries ripen in the first decade of August. Leaves are large or medium sized, saturated green, five-lobed form. Shoot ripening is good.

The flowers are bisexual, providing a high level of pollination. The grape brush has an average weight of 500-550 g. With proper care, the mass of the bunch can exceed 1 kg. The shape of the cluster is conical. The structure is medium in density and dense.

Grapes "Gift of Light": growing

Technical characteristics of berries

The berries of the “Gift of Light” grapes are quite attractive and large. They have an oval shape, the color is dark red, the skin is quite dense. The average weight of the berry is about 9 g. The pulp is quite fleshy, moderately juicy, with a harmonious taste and well-perceptible aroma of muscat. Irrigation on grape brushes is rare.

Grade Advantages

A significant number of characteristics of grapes "Gift of Light" is currently being studied. However, based on the stated data and observations of winegrowers, the following advantages of the hybrid variety can be distinguished:

  • bisexual flowering that does not require additional manipulation of pollination;
  • good ripening of the vine;
  • very early harvest;
  • presentation of the harvest at a high level;
  • the visual appeal of a bunch of grapes;
  • good taste of the berry;
  • frost resistance at -24 ° C;
  • resistance to damage by fungal diseases 2.5 points;

However, it should be noted that as a result of pathological bias in the mineral nutrition of the bushes, cracking of berries can be observed.

Landing Features

The hybrid form of grapes “Gift of Light” is planted both in autumn and in spring. When landing, it is necessary to be guided by the recommendations standard for all hybrid forms:

  • the acquisition of quality seedlings without signs of disease and with a good level of development;
  • preliminary preparation of the site for planting, including fertilizing and deep digging of the soil;
  • digging holes for planting with dimensions corresponding to the capacity of the root system of the prepared seedling;
  • installation of a support peg and the use of a drainage layer at the bottom of the pit with a high location of groundwater.

The soil around the planted grape bushes should be thoroughly mulched, thereby creating a supply of nutrients and moisture for the plant. Grape bushes should be tied to a support, which contributes to the correct direction of vine growth.

Care Rules

Grapes "Gift of Light" is not too picky about leaving. The main condition for obtaining a stable crop is the following recommendations:

  • carrying out water-charging irrigation in the early spring to stimulate awakening and in preparation for winter;
  • high-quality watering at the stages of flowering and the formation of ovaries and minimizing irrigation two weeks before ripening;
  • medium pruning of the fruiting vine for 6-8 eyes;
  • the introduction of complex fertilizers and the conduct of preventive spraying from major diseases and pests.

The hybrid form needs shelter for the winter.

Reviews of winegrowers

Grapes under the name “Gift of Light” can rightfully be considered one of the promising new hybrid forms for cultivation in the homestead. Very good results were noted when growing root bushes. As a rule, three or four inflorescences are formed. However, it is recommended to leave only two.

According to gardeners, the dense pulp of ripened berries has an unusual muscat taste, which is pleasantly complemented by the aroma of tea rose. Muscat in taste appears even before a complete set of sugars, which allows this hybrid form to be considered one of the best, along with the varieties "Libya" and "Radiant garlic". Gardeners also note the friendly blooming of shoots, good growth power and high yield of very beautiful and large berries.

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