Description of the potted red tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the potted red tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

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The tasty and healthy fruits of tomatoes have long been popular with consumers. Tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals. It is not surprising that gardeners from different parts of the world allocate several beds for planting plants of the Solanaceae family. Every year, breeders add to the list of varieties. More and more resistant and productive tomatoes appear, ready to bear fruit in the harsh Siberia and the home balcony. Potted red tomato will be an excellent option for vegetable growers who do not have their own summer cottages. The peculiarities of the plant made it possible to grow it indoors.

General information about tomato

Cherry tomatoes will be distinguished by their small size and sweet taste. One of the varieties that is ready to please lovers of miniature berries is the Potato tomato. Characteristics and external distinctive qualities of tomato:

  • Early ripe, berries are ready to harvest in 80–90 days.
  • The peduncle is articulated.
  • Superdeterminate.
  • The type of inflorescence is intermediate and simple.
  • Stunted, height does not exceed 25 centimeters.
  • Good foliage.
  • Average branching.
  • Compactness.
  • Leaves are medium in size, green in color.
  • Decorative variety.
  • Suitable for growing at home.
  • Good yield, up to 1.5 kilograms of fruits from one bush.
  • Stable immunity to most diseases of the nightshade family.
  • High rate of presentation berries.
  • Unpretentious care.
  • Good keeping quality.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to pick when the first sheet appears.

You can also grow a tomato in open ground, subject to suitable climatic conditions. Most often, the plant is chosen for home cultivation in pots. Technical data and external qualities of fruits:

  • The number of chambers is 2-3 pieces.
  • Small ones.
  • Regularly rounded, slightly elongated.
  • Weight does not exceed 85 grams.
  • The pulp is red-pink in color.
  • Dense.
  • Sweet, sugar taste.
  • Persistent tomato aroma.
  • Not prone to cracking.

Reviews of the Potted Red tomato variety confirm the good taste of the fruit. The sweet berry is suitable for whole-fruit canning, fresh consumption, and drying. She will decorate any dish and will become the highlight of the festive table.

Growing recommendations

Plants grown at home require compliance with the rules of agricultural technology and the creation of favorable conditions. There are a few basic things to think about:

  • Sowing capacity.
  • Soil selection.
  • Organization of the place.
  • Care activities.

Sowing container

The correct container will provide a good root system for the tomato. Experts recommend giving preference to containers with a volume of five liters or more. When cultivating dwarf tomatoes, an option of three or four liters is also suitable. The cylindrical shape of the pot will provide optimal conditions for the development of the root system. Attention should be paid to the width of the pot, the wider the better.

Soil selection

If you have the appropriate skills, it is better to create a substrate for the plant yourself. An alternative solution would be to buy a universal soil for tomatoes.

Organization of the place

One of the main factors affecting the yield of a tomato will be the chosen location. For light-loving plants, it is better to choose the southern or western sides. The northern part will not provide enough light and additional artificial lighting will have to be arranged.

Care activities

The rules of agricultural technology pump in standard measures for caring for undersized varieties: watering, feeding, loosening and harvesting weeds.

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