The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground in Bashkiria

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground in Bashkiria

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Tomatoes for open ground should combine such qualities as yield, stress resistance, disease resistance and good taste characteristics. The set of all these conditions characterizes ideal varieties and hybrids of tomatoes.

For a region like Bashkortostan, outdoor tomatoes must be particularly resistant to extreme weather changes. The best tomato varieties for Bashkiria are early tomatoes that are able to bear fruit within 70-100 days from the moment the seeds germinate. The presence of a large number of such varieties and hybrids can satisfy even the most discerning gardener. This article is intended to help with choosing the optimal tomato variety for Bashkiria.

The whole variety of tomato species can be conditionally divided into several groups according to their size and shape:

  • Large-fruited round tomatoes.
  • Large-fruited cylindrical tomatoes.
  • Medium-sized round tomatoes.
  • Tomatoes are medium in size, cylindrical.
  • Tomatoes are small in size, round in shape.
  • Tomatoes are small and cylindrical in shape.

Large-fruited round tomatoes

Consider large-fruited round tomatoes. They are commonly referred to as salad varieties. Such tomatoes are delicious, thin-skinned, juicy. They are consumed mainly fresh. The variety of colors of ripe tomatoes is striking: yellow, orange, bright and dark red, burgundy, light and dark pink, red-brown. Most large-fruited varieties are intended for growing indoors, in greenhouses or greenhouses. This is due to their weak resistance to stress fluctuations in temperature and humidity. However, there are varieties of tomatoes that meet all the requirements specified by us earlier in this article.

NameVegetation periodColorFruit weight
"Supernova F1"60-70 daysred250-300 grams
"Champion F1"95-105 daysburgundy red250-300 grams
"Argonaut F1"80-90 dayscoral180-250 grams
"General F1"60-70 daysred200-240 grams
"Aisan"80 daysOrange250-350 grams
"Zinulya"85-95 dayspearl pink250-350 grams
Rosanna F195-105 dayspink170-200 grams

Large-fruited cylindrical tomatoes

Large-fruited cylindrical tomatoes are very resistant tomato species. They are usually covered with a dense, thick skin that prevents them from cracking. They are very good for salting and all types of processing and preservation, they are well transported and stored.

NameVegetation periodColorFruit weightThe form
"Indio F1"100-110 daysred150-250 gr"cylinder"
"Orange miracle"100 daysOrange200-250 gr"a drop"
"Pelageya"100 daysred220-250 gr"cylinder"

Medium sized tomatoes of various shapes

Medium-sized tomatoes of various shapes are the most among the varietal variety preferred for the Republic of Bashkortostan. Medium-sized tomatoes can also vary. They are: elongated and round, with and without a "nose", yellow, orange, red, pink, chocolate, etc. These varieties are the main technical varieties for canning, pickling and processing whole fruits.

NameVegetation periodColorFruit weightThe form
"Crystal F1"90-100 daysred120-150 gramsrounded
"Watercolor"100-105 daysred80-120 grams"Cream"
"Friend F1"90-100 daysred80-100 gramsrounded
"Golden Nugget"100-110 daysyellow60-120 grams"Cream"
"Rio Fuego"110 daysred150-180 grams"Cream"
"Story"87-95 daysred160-200 gramsrounded
"Yaki F1"100-105 daysred80-140 gramsrounded

Tomatoes of small sizes, cylindrical and round shape

Such varieties can be both determinant and indeterminate, that is, short and tall. Determinant small-fruited tomatoes are often grown in flower pots as ornamental plants. They look incredibly beautiful both on the windowsill in the kitchen and on the street. Indeterminate varieties are more productive than the previous ones. Their liana-shaped stem is simply hung with small "balls" or "pears". And the taste of such tomatoes is sweet with fruity notes, which is not inferior to beauty. Small-fruited tomatoes are very resistant to stress and disease.

NameVegetation periodColorFruit weightThe form
"Gavroche"80 daysbright red50 gramsrounded
"Aswon F1"90-100 daysred50-70 gramsrounded
" Black Prince"80 daysdark chocolate color50 grams"a drop"
"Button"90 daysred25-30 gramsrounded
"Chocolate"80 daysdark chocolate color30-50 grams"a drop"
"Cherryfingers F1"100 daysred30 grams"cylinder"

How to increase the stress tolerance of a tomato when cultivated outdoors

When grown outdoors, a tomato must be borne in mind that the Bashkir climate is very unpredictable. Therefore, you need to use all possible means to reduce the risks of losing tomato yield.

  • One of the ways to preserve crops is to increase the resistance of vegetable bushes to temperature fluctuations and changes in air humidity. Means that help improve plant immunity are biostimulants. They are divided into two groups:

  1. biologically active substances and stimulants of natural origin;
  2. chemically synthesized biologically active substances and stimulants.

The first group includes: yeast and milk supplements, as well as herbal tincture.

How to prepare yeast feeding for seedlings

For varieties of open-ground tomatoes in Bashkiria, a strong immunity and a quick return of the harvest are very important. Yeast feeding is a natural source of trace elements, proteins and amino acids for seedlings.

To prepare a yeast mixture, you need to take 0.050 kilograms of yeast per 5 liters of warm unboiled water and mix them well until a homogeneous solution is formed. This mixture should be placed in a warm, dark place, kept there for a day, and when it ferments, pour it over each bush under the root. Seedlings after such feeding start new leaves faster, take root better, turn green. And if the seedlings have been frozen, they rejuvenate and the bush develops again without loss of yield.

The second group includes biostimulants, for example Epin-Extra (epibrassinolide), Vitalizer NV-101, Zircon, Fitosporin-M.

To help the newly planted seedlings take root better, you can water them with one of the growth stimulants.

  • Also, a mandatory point is the correct fertilization of seedlings at the initial stage of development and at the stage of a fruiting bush.

It is important that the first watering of the seedlings falls on the 7-10th day. During this watering, nitrogen fertilizers are applied, and the next top dressing is done with potash fertilizers.

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