Potato "Molly": a fruitful variety from German selection

Potato "Molly": a fruitful variety from German selection

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Early ripe table varieties of Molly potatoes are one of the best commercial varieties from German agronomists. Currently enjoys incredible popularity not only in our country, but also among foreign potato growers. Description of the variety is given by its originator Norika, CRIMM. The variety is included in the State Register of Russia for the Central region.

Grade characteristics

Potato "Molly" forms relatively tall bushes reaching a height of not more than 0.75 m. The leaves can be both medium-sized and quite large, mostly light green in color. The leaf edge has a weak undulation. At the beginning of active vegetation, abundant growth of potato tops can be observed, but with a small number of flowers, the corolla of which is white in color.

The tubers are covered with a yellow, very smooth skin, with a barely noticeable mesh pattern on the surface. Eyes are relatively shallow, occurring at medium depth. The pulp is creamy yellow, a few tones lighter than the potato peel, has a fine-grained structure. The tubers are even, have an oval or round-oval shape.

The starch content is not more than 16.35%. The tuber can reach a mass of more than 165 g. The taste is good. Marketability 80-92%. Keeping ability 82%. There is resistance to the causative agent of potato cancer and the golden potato cyst-forming nematode. The maximum yield reaches 30-36 tons per hectare.

Planting potatoes

Molly potatoes are grown mainly in the Central and Northwest regions, and the characteristic of this potato assumes a stable and high yield with proper planting and compliance with growing conditions:

  • good precursors for potatoes are siderata plants, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, garden greens;
  • this vegetable crop is not recommended to be planted in areas where any plants from the nightshade family were grown;
  • optimal temperature indicators of air for growing early ripe potatoes are + 18-23 ° ะก;
  • planting material in the form of sprouted and processed potato tubers should be planted in rows in accordance with the scheme of 20-25x70 cm;

Potato Variety Selection

  • for planting, it is very important to use only perfectly healthy and matured tubers that last for one and a half months, the weight of which can vary from 50 to 80 g;
  • before planting, tubers are treated with Krezacin, Albit or Immunocytophyte growth regulators;
  • tubers prepared for planting should be placed at a depth of 2-3 cm, which will ensure their best warming and friendly germination.

Planting dates can vary significantly depending on in which region and on what type of soil this popular vegetable crop is cultivated. Attention should be paid to the fact that the Molly potato variety is not very picky about the type of soil. However, the highest quality and highest yield can be obtained by cultivating on medium or light on the granulometric composition of the soil.

Care Features

The characteristics of the early Molly potatoes, as well as their description and reviews of gardeners allow to draw conclusions about the need to comply with the following recommendations in the growing process:

  • the first harrowing of potato planting must be carried out a week after sowing;
  • to protect the planting material from late spring frosts, a film shelter or high hilling of seedlings is used;
  • at a seedling height of about 12 cm, fertilizing the plants with nitrogen fertilizers is carried out;
  • the application of potash fertilizers for potato seedlings is performed during the first hilling;

  • for foliar top dressing, you should prepare a solution: 10 g of water 37 g of ammonium nitrate, 0.2 kg of superphosphate, 10 g of potassium salt, 2 g of copper sulfate - for each hundred;
  • to protect against late blight and defeat by alternariosis, a double spraying of potato tops with Fitosporin-M or Bordeaux liquid should be carried out.

Subject to standard potato care rules, a high yield is guaranteed.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Reviews about this potato variety are positive. Potato has a good presentation. Tubers are formed early enough and amicably. They have excellent taste, marked high yields. All these characteristics and positive reviews make Molly potatoes popular in many countries. The variety grows very well and gives high yields in the Brest region and in the territory of the Minsk and Mogilev regions.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

When cooking, it should be remembered that rather rapid fusion of the pulp, as well as a color change after heat treatment, can be observed. Potato has a low to medium digestibility, which does not make its taste less pleasant. The variety is valued for its high marketability, beautiful appearance and stable productivity.