Potato "Tuleevsky" - unpretentious Siberian variety

Potato "Tuleevsky" - unpretentious Siberian variety

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One of the most popular varieties of potato "Tuleevsky" was bred on the territory of our country. The variety was obtained by Russian breeders by crossing hybrid potato varieties such as Chernsky and Tolokan.

Potato "Tuleyevsky" is characterized by high productivity and unsurpassed taste. A variety of medium early ripening classified as table potatoes, It is included in the State Register for the West Siberian Region.

Description of the bushes

The “Tuleyevsky” potato bushes are formed quite medium in height, leafy and very strong, which facilitates plant care, and consist of upright stems of an intermediate type. The height of the stem reaches 30-35 cm. Leaves of medium size can be intermediate or open type. The color is dark green. The edge waviness is slight. The variety is characterized by an average flowering intensity. Corollas of flowers are most often very large, white. Berry formation is rare.

Description of tubers

Potato "Tuleevsky" has root crops in shape elongated-oval, smooth. The peel is yellow, has a slight roughness. The eyes on the tubers are relatively rare, very small in size.

The average mass of marketable tubers reaches 250-270 g. The flesh is yellowish-beige in color, with a starch content not exceeding 16.8%. The period from the appearance of potato seedlings to the state of technical maturity of tubers takes from 90 to 110 days depending on the growing region and weather factors. The total yield is 180-424 kg / ha.

Grade value

Potato "Tuleyevsky" is a very productive variety and under favorable weather conditions, as well as observing simple care, vegetable growers collect about 4.5-5 kg ​​from a potato bush. The variety is perfectly adapted for cultivation in Siberian latitudes, and also shows stable yields in most regions, including the risky farming zone. Description of the variety and its characteristics make the Tuleevsky potato demanded and popular.

According to the Institute of Phytopathology, the variety has moderate resistance to late blight and immunity to the causative agent of potato cancer. The marketability of tubers can vary from 88 to 99%. Standard indicators of keeping quality not lower than 90%. Taste is very high.

When growing, it should be remembered that the Tuleyevsky variety is characterized by susceptibility to plant damage by a golden potato cyst-forming nematode.

Potato "Tuleevsky": harvest

Landing rules

Planting and growing potatoes of the Tuleyevsky variety is practically no different from the process of growing other potato varieties, but has several characteristic features that are recommended to be considered when cultivating:

  • From wireworms, Colorado potato beetles, aphids - carriers of viruses, rhizoctonia and scab ordinary, pre-planting treatment of Prestige tubers is necessary, observing the consumption of 1 liter per 100 kg of germinated seed material.
  • To increase the germination and immunity of potatoes, it is recommended to treat the tubers immediately before planting with a stimulating compound based on "Epin-Extra" or "Emistim".
  • The variety is characterized by excellent productivity even in conditions of some shading, so the main task of the gardener is to remove weeds and dig the site prepared for potato planting.
  • The soil at the time of planting potatoes should not only be as evenly heated up to 8-10 ° C at the depth of planting, but also have optimal moisture indicators, which the tubers will need for the first time.
  • Ready seed tubers should be planted in grooves with a row spacing of 65-70 cm, and the depth of the planting holes should not exceed 12-15 cm.
  • It is advisable immediately before planting to add wood ash and organic fertilizers in the form of dung humus or high-quality compost to each planting hole.

Care Features

Potato "Tuleevsky" is a very unpretentious Siberian mid-ripening large-fruited variety of Kemerovo selection, which allows you to get a good harvest even in the absence of proper care. Carrying out the following agricultural practices, you can get up to 500 kg of large, high-quality root crops from each hundredth of the planted area:

  • Potatoes of this variety need to be spudded at least three times. The first hilling is carried out after emergence. The second hilling is required for the plant in the flowering phase, and the third time the tops should be hilled when leaning in the aisles.
  • As fertilizers, preference should be given to manure, as well as bird droppings, which are introduced in a diluted form with water immediately after rain or watering. You must keep in mind that the variety does not like drought too much and is distinguished by its responsiveness to watering.
  • The area where potatoes are grown needs to be cleaned of weeds in a timely manner, completing the procedure of weeding by shallow loosening.

Harvesting can begin about three months after planting. The signal that the tubers are fully ripe is yellowing and wilting of potato tops.

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Grade Reviews

Potato "Tuleyevsky" is almost the only variety that, under adverse growing conditions, sprouts evenly and strictly on time, the stems do not fade during periods of intense heat and extremely high temperatures even with prolonged absence of watering. In the standard summer mode, up to 28-30 pieces of tubers aligned in shape and size are formed in each nest, which have excellent taste and keeping quality. It was noted that, in addition to the apical ocelli, the number of sprouts in the lateral sections of the tuber is not less than six, which explains the high level of stolon productivity.

The tubers in the nest are heaped, and close enough to the surface, so you need to carry out several hills per season. In good conditions of care, very large root crops are formed, but with an insufficient amount of boron in the soil, the potato pulp may have voids, which must be taken into account when preplanting the soil.

How to grow potatoes

According to gardeners, potatoes of this variety are highly regarded for their excellent taste. It is believed that among the modern varieties "Tuleevsky" has no equal. To taste, the variety surpassed even Adretta, which is popular with potato growers and consumers, with which it has some similarities. Reviews say that the best variety is suitable for making mashed potatoes.