The rules of cultivation of potatoes "Black Prince"

The rules of cultivation of potatoes "Black Prince"

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Medium-early potato "Black Prince" stands out against the background of traditional, classic, potato varieties with an unusual blue-violet skin peel. Description characterizes Black Prince potatoes as a variety with a high content of antioxidants.

This potato variety is not intended for industrial cultivation. and is recommended for cultivation by amateur gardeners, due to the demanding variety of the "Black Prince" for fertility and irrigation.

Grade description

Potato tubers of this unusual variety are elongated-oval, with very small eyes, covered with a smooth peel of purple color. The flesh is beige in color, slightly pinkish on the cut, does not darken during cleaning, and is relatively friable during cooking. Potatoes "Black Prince" does not belong to the category of high-yielding varieties. Each potato bush forms about 5-7 tubers. The average weight of one tuber is from 70 to 140 g with a length of up to 12 cm. The starch content does not exceed 12-16%.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the rather limited distribution, Variety "Black Prince" can be attributed to very promising for cultivation on personal plots and in small farms due to the following characteristics:

  • harvested tubers are well preserved until spring;
  • potato has a fairly strong and pleasant aroma;
  • excellent taste data;
  • presentation of the harvested crop;
  • the possibility of universal use, including baking and frying.

Grade "Black Prince" has medium resistance to major diseases and pests. Among the existing exotic types of potatoes with an unusual taste, the Black Prince variety is far from the last place, which attracts increased attention.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

Dates and features of landing

Potato "Black Prince" is known to many gardeners under the name "Long Gypsy." To grow such potatoes in a personal plot is quite simple. The main condition is strict compliance with all requirements for the preparation of planting material for planting, as well as proper plant care:

  • Tubers prepared for planting should be medium in size and have the color inherent in this variety.
  • It is unacceptable to plant sick or suspicious tuber pests.
  • About three or four weeks before planting, planting material should be sprouted and preventive treatment should be performed.
  • In regions with warm climatic conditions in the presence of light or sandy soil, it is recommended to plant potatoes in a trench way.
  • In well-lit areas without moisture stagnation, it is desirable to conduct a smooth planting of potatoes with a distance between plants of 50 cm and a depth of about 10 cm.

  • In areas with a very "heavy" and waterlogged soil, it is advisable to plant this variety of potatoes using the comb method.
  • For potatoes of the Black Prince variety, timely and plentiful watering is very important. Most gardeners use drip irrigation systems for this purpose, supplementing them by sprinkling potato plantings.
  • Potatoes should be spud in a timely manner. Such an event not only improves soil aeration, but also preserves the moisture necessary for the proper development of tubers. The first hilling is carried out in the phase when the sprouts reach a height of about 20 cm.

Variety "Black Prince" is also demanding on top dressing. The first fertilizer application should be carried out two weeks after the emergence of seedlings. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a semi-liquid mullein or to dilute 1 tbsp. In a bucket of water. l urea. Fertilizer consumption for each potato bush is approximately 500 ml. The second top dressing is carried out at the budding phase using 3 tbsp. l wood ash and 1 tbsp. l potassium sulfate in a bucket of water. The consumption of this fertilizer is also 0.5-0.7 liters per potato bush.

Reviews of gardeners

Most gardeners really like the "Black Prince" variety, and the reviews are very positive, due not only to their unusual appearance, but also to the ability to form a good crop in rainy and cold summers. Even in adverse weather conditions it is possible to grow even potatoes of very good quality. The harvest is perfectly stored without loss of marketability and quality until the spring sowing, and sometimes longer.

Potato "Black Prince": variety description

Judging by the reviews, the variety is appreciated for its high taste. Potatoes are very tasty, fragrant and crumbly.