Potato "Sonny": characteristics and growing rules

Potato "Sonny": characteristics and growing rules

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Potato "Sonny" belongs to the category of medium-late varieties and is characterized by high and stable yield. The period from seedlings to the technical maturity of tubers is 120-140 days.

Grade description

Potato "Sonny" forms compact bushes with erect or semi-erect stems. Root crops of rounded flat shape, covered with a mesh pinkish-creamy peel. Eyes are small, superficial and small.

The variety has the following main characteristics:

  • The average weight of a commodity tuber is from 75 to 85 g.
  • The flesh of white coloring does not darken during the cutting process and after heat treatment.
  • The average starch content in potato pulp is 13.4-14%.

Landing rules

Plants with good illumination throughout the day should be allotted for planting potatoes of the "Sonny" variety. You should not choose for planting this culture areas with high groundwater, as well as those exposed to strong gusts of wind. The soil should be light and fertile and have good aeration ability.

Before planting, the seed material must be landscaped and germinated in conditions of intense lighting and temperature at the level of 12-16 ° C. As a rule, two weeks are enough to form the strongest and most healthy sprouts, after which the tubers should be treated with the highly effective modern Epin-Extra agent to enhance growth processes, increase the total and marketable yield, and also to increase the plant's resistance to diseases.

How to plant potatoes

Preparing the soil for planting consists of the following activities:

  • deep digging of the site in the autumn with the introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • loosening of soil in the spring with marking of planting rows in accordance with the scheme of planting seed 70 x 40 cm with a planting depth of 8-10 cm;
  • manual removal of weeds or spraying them with the "Typhoon", which acts against vegetative weeds, including annual and perennials, including wheat grass.

A very good result is achieved when planting a local fertilizer using humus mixture and wood ash. Seed potatoes should be placed in well-heated and moist soil.

Care Features

The key to success in the cultivation of potato varieties "Sonny" is not only compliance with agrotechnical measures, but also the use of highly effective plant growth and development regulators. Recommendations for growing potatoes of this variety are as follows:

  1. It is important to keep the soil moist and loose, and to regularly destroy weeds.
  2. When potato seedlings reach a height of 15-18 cm, the first hilling of plants is required. The earthing depth on heavy soils is 10-12 cm, and on light soils - 13-15 cm.
  3. Watering potato bushes on light soils is often, but in smaller doses, and for heavy soils, preference should be given to more rare, but abundant irrigation of plants.
  4. To increase tuberization and root formation, as well as to increase yield, reduce morbidity, increase keeping quality, increase carbohydrate content and decrease nitrate content in tubers, potato tops should be sprayed with Krezatsin at the rate of 3 l / 100 m2.
  5. Spraying potatoes during the growing season with a 0.4% working solution of the “HOM” preparation protects the plantings from late blight and alternariosis.
  6. Foliar top dressing by spraying on the leaf should be carried out a couple of weeks after the appearance of the first shoots, and then before the flowering phase and a couple of weeks after flowering. The spray solution must be prepared immediately before use. To do this, add 160 ml of the “Ekolist-potato” preparation and 100 g of urea in 10 l of water.

After each irrigation or rain, loosening is carried out on potato plantings, which will prevent the formation of soil crust, which reduces aeration of the soil and reduces the formation of tubers.

Potato growers reviews

Potato "Sonny" is characterized by many professional vegetable growers and gardeners in our country as a very unpretentious, easy to adapt to adverse weather conditions and productive variety. Subject to the cultivation technology, about nine buckets of crop can be obtained from each planted potato bucket.

Potato: care, top dressing, mulching

The taste of potato pulp is very good. The variety is suitable for the preparation of most dishes, and also demonstrates good conservation performance during the winter period. For the most part, vegetable growers give this variety a positive assessment, characterizing the “Sonok” potato as promising for cultivation in household plots.