Strawberry "Bereginya": description and features of growing high-yielding domestic varieties

Strawberry "Bereginya": description and features of growing high-yielding domestic varieties

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Strawberry "Bereginya" from the originator of VSTISP is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is recommended for cultivation in the Central region. The variety belongs to late-ripening garden strawberries, non-maintenance, table appointments. Obtained from crossing the Solovushka variety and the Induka variety.

The variety is characterized by high yields, which is more than 15 t / ha, as well as resistance to fungal diseases of leaves and strawberry mites.

Grade description

Strawberries, or garden strawberries, "Bereginya" forms medium, semi-spreading, densely leafy bushes. Mustache of medium size, pale red. Each strawberry bush has a significant number of mustaches. Leaves of medium size, light green, medium wrinkles, with weak ribbing, concave, with marked pubescence, shiny. The denticles on the leaves are blunt and wide.

Petioles are medium in size, with slight pubescence. Stipules wide and long enough. Flowering bisexual. The flowers are medium sized, white. Peduncles are short, located on the same level with leaves, have dense pubescence. Inflorescences are compact and multi-flowered. The peduncle is medium in size.

The berries are not too large, have an average weight of 14 to 26 g. Possess the correct blunt-taper form, without the presence of a neck, color, orange-red, with a pronounced sheen. The tasting score of fresh, fully ripened berries is 4.5 points.

Varieties and varieties of strawberries

Advantages and disadvantages

Garden strawberry varieties "Bereginya" has excellent taste, due to the following composition:

  • sugar 5.7%;
  • acid 0.8%;
  • Vitamin C at least 79 mg.

The taste of fully ripened berries is pleasant, sweet-sour, with a pronounced aroma. The berry flesh is red, quite juicy and dense. Besides, The advantage of this variety is high drought resistance and heat resistance. Description of the variety by the originator assumes a very good winter hardiness. An advantage is also a very high resistance to many diseases and pests.

Landing Features

Garden strawberries can be grown on almost any soil. However, such a berry culture will not grow in areas represented by sandy or clay soil. Strawberry varieties "Bereginya" needs to be grown on soil with an acidity of 5.5-6.5 and a humus content of at least 2%.

When planting garden strawberries in open ground, it is necessary to ensure that the neck of the strawberry bush is at soil level, and the root system is located vertically in the planting hole. Rows of strawberries are recommended to be placed in the direction from north to south, with a distance between the bushes of 20 cm and a distance between rows of 30 cm or slightly more.

Plant care

Garden strawberries are responsive to proper and good care. Standard care for fruit-bearing garden strawberries of the Bereginya variety should be aimed at ensuring the most powerful development of plants with the aim of forming a high and high-quality crop at the fruiting stage. Such measures consist in the proper processing of the soil, including mulching, weeding and loosening, as well as in protection against pests and diseases, removing mustaches, watering and top dressing, subject to the following rules:

  • watering strawberries is preferable in the morning, and the frequency and volume of watering are determined by soil moisture;
  • Watering garden strawberries during fruiting should be as abundant and necessary as possible under the root of the plants;

  • as the main fertilizer, vegetable and well-decomposed dung humus is widely used;
  • when feeding, a well-rotted compost can serve as a full replacement for manure and chemical fertilizers.

It is imperative to carry out a series of activities to prepare garden strawberries for the winter, as the yield next year depends on this. Preparation begins with warming the strawberry bushes with organic mulch, and further care implies protecting the plants from frost by sheltering with peat, needles or sawdust.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberry "Bereginya" compares favorably with a sufficiently high concentration of vitamins, organic acids and sugar, which makes it not only very tasty, but also as useful as possible. The average weight of the first berries of this variety of strawberry reaches 40 g, and the average weight of berries over all collections exceeds 10 g. The fruiting period is quite long.

How to plant strawberries in spring

According to gardeners, the berries are slightly expanded, wide-conical, dense, similar in shape to poppy seeds and very tasty. This new medium-late variety of garden strawberry from the selection of the Kokinsky strong point has established itself very well in personal plots and has become popular among gardeners in most regions.