Peach "Favorit Morettini": variety characteristics and cultivation characteristics

Peach "Favorit Morettini": variety characteristics and cultivation characteristics

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Peach "Favorita Morettini" ("Favorita Morettini") was obtained by Italian breeders as a result of crossbreeding varieties "Gela di Firenze" and "Fertili Morettini". The variety was introduced into the State Register of the Russian Federation almost thirty years ago and zoned for cultivation in the North Caucasus region.

Grade description

Peach "Favorit Morettini" refers to varieties of a very early ripening period. Forms medium-sized plants with a spreading crown and bell-shaped flowers.

Fruits of medium size, weighing no more than 85-95 g, round oval. The skin is yellow in color with a red streaky blush that occupies more than half the surface of the fruit. The peel of the ripened fruit has a velvety pubescence and has an average density. The flesh is pale yellow, pleasant in taste, with a medium degree of fiberiness, juicy and aromatic. Taste indicators are very good. The stone is of medium size, not completely separated. Fruits of universal purpose.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Favorit Morettini variety has become popular in many countries due to its excellent quality characteristics:

  • high taste and marketability of the fruit;
  • early maturity, allowing you to get a crop in the first decade of July;
  • medium-growth trees, which facilitates the maintenance and harvesting activities;
  • self-fertile and early-growing variety comes into fruition in the second year after planting;
  • relatively high winter hardiness;
  • the ability to store crops for three to four days.

The advantages of this variety also include regular and abundant fruiting. By cons include the mediocre resistance of orchards of this variety to the defeat of many fungal diseases. According to gardeners, the seed in the fruits often bursts, the plant is affected by secondary moniliosis.

How to plant a peach

Growing recommendations

The peach of the Italian selection "Favorit Morettini" is very early and productive, which is why agricultural technology features are connected:

  • it is necessary to plant peach seedlings on the most even or slightly elevated areas;
  • first of all, for the cultivation of early peach varieties, it is necessary to provide high-quality drainage to these thermophilic plants;
  • pits for planting peach seedlings are recommended to be prepared three or four weeks before planting;
  • the standard size of the planting pit should be 1 x 1 m and have a depth of at least 0.7 m, but may vary depending on the size of the root system of the plant;
  • when growing fruit stands in areas with poor soil, planting pits should be made wider and deeper, adhering to the dimensions of 100 x 100 x 80 cm;

  • the landing pit needs to be filled with a high-quality fertile mixture consisting of a pair of humus buckets with the addition of a small amount of ordinary wood ash;
  • before planting, peach seedlings must be soaked in clean water for about two or three days, immersing the plants at a third of the height;
  • planting prepared seedlings is carried out without deepening the root neck of plants;
  • it is very important to install a support peg in the planting pit, to which the seedling will be tied for the correct direction of growth;
  • after planting, a careful compaction of the soil is carried out, and then abundant watering is performed based on a pair of buckets per plant and the trunks are mulched with sawdust or organics.

As necessary, about once a year, it is recommended to fertilize the planting of peach with rotted manure or compost. Trees require competent and timely pruning, otherwise peach will grow and a huge number of shoots will form, on which small tasteless fruits will form. The lack of resistance of the Favorit Morettini peach to fungal infections suggests the systematic implementation of effective preventive measures to protect fruit stands.

Gardeners reviews

Italian breeders were able to develop not just a high-quality, but almost perfect superearly variety. Gardeners have known this description for more than twenty years, but due to insufficient winter hardiness, it has not been widely distributed in most regions of our country.

Cameo-detection: methods of struggle

The variety is characterized by gardeners as high-yielding, with average indicators of frost resistance and relative resistance to the main peach diseases. The fruits of the Favorit Morettini variety, according to gardeners, have a very pleasant taste, but are rather small. A variety of dessert destination and can be used to make delicious juices and compotes.