Dumplings with strawberries: dough recipes and cooking technology

Dumplings with strawberries: dough recipes and cooking technology

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Strawberry is coming soon. Every year everyone is looking forward to it - from small to large. Fragrant, tasty, juicy and very healthy berries can simply be eaten with great pleasure, you can prepare them for the winter. A good option also is to use them as a filling for pies and dumplings. Dumplings with fresh strawberries are a welcome treat for adults and kids.

Dumpling options for dumplings

Dough is the basis of any dumplings. And in this option, it is very important that it matches the delicious filling. How to make a simple dumpling for dumplings? All you need is flour, water, eggs, butter and salt. Flour should be taken of the best quality - snow-white and uniform. It must be sieved, so that this flour becomes friable and airy.

How to make dough for dumplings

But the test options are more complicated than the basic version:

On sour cream

For 3 cups of flour you need half a glass of warm water, 3 tablespoons of sour cream, a little soda and salt.

Knead the dough, wrap it for half an hour in a film, and then proceed to sculpt dumplings. Such a dough does not stick to your hands, it is very tender and snow-white. It can be made on kefir, milk, whey. But sour cream for many housewives is preferable.

On kefir

Proportions of products: a glass of kefir or yogurt, an egg, 3 cups flour, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a little soda and salt. You can also add vanilla sugar. The dough is prepared similarly to the previous one.

The original recipe for a test with mineral water

He needs a glass of any mineral water, an egg, 4 cups of flour, 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil, a little sugar and salt.

This dough is very light and soft.

The dough in the bread maker

Kneading the dumpling for dumplings in a bread machine is much easier than kneading it, it turns out elastic and homogeneous due to high-quality kneading. Such a dough rolls out into a thin layer without much effort. But it is important to strictly observe the following proportions: 600 g flour, egg, a little salt, 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, one and a half glasses of boiled water.

Oil is poured into the capacity of the breadmaker, an egg mixed with water and salt is added, and then the sifted flour is poured. In the car, a fresh test batch program for 14 minutes is set. Before starting to sculpt dumplings, the dough should "rest" for 30 minutes on a table under a film.

Technology and secrets of making strawberry dumplings

Strawberries all year round can be a filling for delicious dumplings. At the beginning of summer it is a fresh berry; at other times, frozen strawberries are used. Jam with whole berries is also acceptable for this purpose.

How to cook or, more correctly, to mold dumplings with fresh strawberries? The secret is simple:

  • while the dough is “resting” it's time to cook the filling for the dumplings. The strawberries should be washed with running water, then let it drain completely so that the filling does not turn out to be watery. Then remove the ponytails from the berries;
  • sprinkle flour on a table or board, roll out the dough as thin as possible with a rolling pin;
  • cut a glass of mug;
  • put a couple of berries in the center of each, sprinkle them a little with starch and sugar. You can also just dip the berries in sugar;
  • then thoroughly close the edges of the dumplings so that the dough does not tear during cooking;

  • for beauty and durability, the edges can be wrapped with a “pigtail” or a pattern can be made on the edges by pressing with a fork;
  • throw so many dumplings into boiling slightly salted water so that they are not crowded;
  • when the dumplings float to the surface, after a few minutes they can be collected with a slotted spoon and put on a plate;
  • the cooking process should be repeated until all the dumplings have been cooked;
  • all trimmed dough also needs to be used.

Do not think that delicious dumplings with berry filling can be sculpted only from fresh strawberries. Using strawberry preparations for the winter (jam, frozen berries and fruit drinks), it is possible to “extend” the summer for a whole year.

Frozen strawberries must first be thawed. It must be held in a colander to remove excess fluid. Then you can do with it the same way as in the previous recipe with fresh berries.

To make dumplings from canned berries is not more difficult than from fresh strawberries. It is important to carefully separate the berries from the syrup.

In any case, dumplings do not need too many berries. For a dough made from 3 glasses of flour, you need about half a kilogram of berries.

Feed options

The most common way to serve dumplings is to fill them with sour cream. But there are other options, no worse than this:

  • with honey or thick syrup prepared on starch;
  • you can put on the table several sauces with different waterings to choose from;
  • fruit yogurt of different tastes goes well with dumplings;
  • their serving with berry, chocolate or cream sauce is successful;
  • and if you decorate a plate with dumplings with colorful fresh berries and fruits with a sweet and sour or sweet taste, then this tasty and attractive dish will have double benefits;
  • the classic expression is “strawberries with whipped cream”. Whipped cream is no less suitable for dumplings with strawberry filling than for the berries themselves. And sweet tooth will like their combination with condensed milk and pieces of chocolate.

Steamed Dumplings with Strawberries

Strawberry itself is a delicious berry. But do not miss the opportunity to make dumplings with it with soft, fluffy dough. This dish is especially tasty when you steam it. Dumplings in this case are placed on a colander, standing above a pot of boiling water, and covered with a lid for uniform heat treatment. Having tried this dish once, you cannot deny yourself this many more times. Indeed, in winter it is also possible to enjoy dumplings using frozen or canned berries.