White cabbage "Glory 1305": variety description and cultivation technology

White cabbage "Glory 1305": variety description and cultivation technology

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White cabbage "Glory 1305" is included in the State Register for the Russian Federation and is recommended for use both fresh and for pickling. Description of the variety, as well as its characteristics suggest unpretentiousness of this mid-ripe vegetable crop in combination with high productivity.

Grade characteristics

White cabbage of the Slava variety forms round and round-flat, large, average weight up to 4-4.5 kg, heads of medium density. This variety is more resistant to head cracking than most other mid-season varieties.

Harvest mobility is very high. Taste is excellent. The average yield, subject to growing technology, is 10 kg per square meter of planted area. This variety is excellent at cultivation in various soil and climatic zones.

Cabbage "Glory 1305": features of the variety

Growing seedlings

As a rule, the cultivation of cabbage seedlings is almost identical for all varieties of cabbage. Mthe highest quality cabbage seedlings "Glory 1305" is obtained subject to the growing technology:

  • As a soil mixture for growing cabbage seedlings, a composition based on one part of sod land and one part of humus is best suited, with the addition of a small amount of wood ash, which helps protect plants from being damaged by a black leg.
  • Cabbage crops should be planted in a disinfected, high-temperature, breathable and fertile soil.
  • Processed seeds, as indicated by the manufacturer on the package, simply enough to warm for 20-25 minutes in hot water at a temperature of 50-55 ° C.
  • Prepared for planting seeds of medium cabbage can be sown approximately from the last ten days of March to the last ten days of April; the optimum temperature regime before emergence is + 18-20 ° С, and for cabbage seedlings that have already appeared, the daily temperature should be at the level of 15-17 ° С, and at night - not higher than 10 ° С.

  • After the emergence of seedlings, thinning and removal of the weakest seedlings is carried out, and the minimum nutritional area for each plant should be at least 2x2 cm.
  • At the age of 14-18 days, seedlings must be dived into separate landing cassette-type containers.
  • Be sure to clarify the seedlings for about 12-14 hours a day using ordinary fluorescent lamps.
  • It is important to feed cabbage seedlings. The first top dressing should be carried out ten days after the picking of seedlings. As fertilizers, 1 g of water should dissolve 2 g of potash fertilizers, 2 g of ammonium nitrate and 4 g of superphosphate. One liter of the prepared nutrient solution is spent on feeding 50 cabbage seedlings. After about two weeks, the second top dressing is carried out - with slurry or Kemira-Lux.

Protection against plant parasites

White cabbage varieties "Glory" has a fairly high resistance to damage by major diseases. When growing, standard preventive measures should be taken.

Damaging factorPrevention and treatment measures
Root rotProcessing seedlings with Trichodermin or Rizoplan. "Trichodermin" is introduced into the planting soil at the rate of 1 g per plant. "Rizoplan" should be diluted with water at the rate of 1 g per 100 ml of water
BlacklegSpraying plants with Fitoflavin, Bactofit or Planriz
AlternariosisWeeds and plant debris must be removed from the site in a timely manner.
PeronosporosisSpraying plants with Topaz solution, diluted at the rate of 1 ampoule of the drug per 10 liters of water
Vascular bacteriosisProcessing plants with Planriz and Trichodermin

For preventive purposes, to protect against aphids, fleas and slugs, it is recommended to treat cabbage with special insecticides every two weeks, among which Zolon, Sherpa, Volaton, Karate and Sumyalfa are especially effective. Proper care and adherence to growing technology are a guarantee of a high yield of such a popular vegetable crop as white cabbage.

Reviews of gardeners

White cabbage of the Slava 1305 variety was zoned back in 1940, selected and bred by breeder E. M. Popova at the Gribovsky experimental station. For gardeners, white cabbage of the Slava variety fell in love with excellent taste and ability to withstand the main diseases that affect this vegetable culture. This is one of the most productive and best varieties for pickling. Cabbage is perfectly stored until January. Heads of cabbage are not very prone to cracking.

How to dive cabbage

Reviews about this very popular variety in our country are always positive. A good harvest can be obtained without any special care from the gardener. However, quite often the variety is affected by the keel, so the timely and correct implementation of preventive measures is mandatory.